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UPDATED: 07/25/2017

For Sale Rules - These apply to the "For Sale" Forum on (

1) No spamming the forums or cross-posting. All posts offering items for sale are to be posted in the For Sale Forum. There is no reason to post the same thing in many forums. Cross posts or posts offering items for sale anywhere other than in the For Sale Forum will be all removed at the moderator's discretion.

2) Thread bumps, these will be deleted from a thread at the moderators discretion. Please update your thread with pertinent information only.

3) This is not an auction, if you don't post a price or list what you wish to trade for, please use ebay, yahoo, or some other site to sell your stuff.

4) If you disagree with a posted price, DO NOT post your opinions within the buyers or sellers thread about how you can get it at a better price, etc., take it offline with the seller and refrain from flaming, arguing, or generating heated discussions.

5) Please indicate your location (city/State/Province, and zip/ postal code may be useful for shipping information.)

6) When a single item (out of many items listed for sale) sells, update the first post of the thread identifying as SOLD You may also delete your own threads.

7) Remember, moderators are sometimes busy. Sometimes we do not read every post. If something is out of line, pm or email a moderator so that we can correct it without a flame war.

8) All classified ads MUST have list a selling price and the items must actually be for sale at that price (i.e., no For Sale "Feelers"). The only exception to this rule is if you are parting out a truck or making an ad w/multiple listings. Even under these circumstances you still must list prices individually.

9) This isn't a place to charge considerably more or double the retail value of items being sold currently just because there is limited access. There are places like eBay for that.

10) Price hiking is not allowed based on amount of responses.

11) Once an item has sold, please update your thread from FS: to SOLD:. Or if for some reason you decide not to sell it, the change the FS: to CANX:. This will let a moderator know it's sold, so they can lock the post.

12) The owners and moderators of the ( are not responsible for any sales that go bad. Buy and Sell at your own risk.
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Not open for further replies.