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I'm not the host just forwarding the information in case anyone else wants to go; I haven't been there and sounds like fun.

Host is Nick Ryan from CAMO, for up to date info join the Facebook group

Day 1 Google Maps

May 4 & 5
"I will be staying in the Microtel on Pleasant Valley Rd In Harrisonburg Friday night.

At 0700 May 4th, we will meet/rally at the Exxon Across the Street, fill up, and head out at 0730.
Plan to eat lunch on the go/at a break area. We will continue through until camp. At camp, depending on vehicle number, we can either set up in a big pine circle or atop a large flat a few hundred yards away. Please don't cut any trees, rip donuts, etc.

Day 2 we will follow the same pattern and "break up" depending on where you live after Cass.

I suggest you bring gas. 5 gallons is plenty. Shouldn't need it, but you never know if a station is closed.

If you dont have a CB, get one ordered. Amazon has cheap kits."

Day 2
And day 2 Complete! A little shorter. Got permission to park on the north face of bald knob and walk to the lookout which is huge.
The last section headed to Seneca rocks is optional (well it's all optional) but I'll be headed out that way with the PA guys."

Exxon Gas Station meetup 7am-7:30am May 4th
3240 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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I kept a watch on that. I wanted to go. Unfortunately, what happens to me every time...have to fly out on Sunday for work.

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( I can't freaking wait to go!)

CAMO Trip Guide (provided by event host from CAMO)
If there is anything on this list that you have questions about, or do not have, please do not hesitate to PM me (Nick) and I’m sure someone has a spare to get you out into the woods.

Important items to note:
1. This is not King of Hammers offroad, don’t get frustrated or upset if you didn’t get to engage your ARB air lockers and smash the skinny pedal in 4L while your 4link is flexed out.
2. This is not a scenic highway drive, don’t get frustrated if your Chai Latte spills in your airconditioned cup holder.
3. I’m kind of an idiot. If the route busts or there is a road closure, please don’t throw rocks at me. We will make it work.
4. A lot of “Organizations” charge money to attend these rides. I think that’s BS. Their reasoning is to keep riff raff out…Please don’t prove those people right.
5. I don’t care if you’re in a brand new Land Cruiser (don’t even know if they make new ones) or a Nissan hardbody with holes in the floor. Be respectful of one another.
6. You will be camping in the middle of the woods. There are bears. Bears like food. Don’t leave food for bears. Bears want more food when they find food. You are food. Don’t be bear food.
7. This isn’t just a trip for “Dad.” I do my best to incorporate a little bit of history and POIs that people may not know exist. Bring the family!
8. You more than likely are going to get minor pinstriping. Wear that pinstriping with honor. Remember. We overland because hiking is for skinny people.
9. No FEDERALLY illegal drugs, please. I know how exciting an LSD trip through the tight trees behind the wheel of a 5k pound rig would be, but you’re going to have to leave that for another time.
10. Raise Hell, Chase Tail, Praise Dale #3

• Vehicle Equipment o At least ONE anchor point (preferably one front and one rear) o CB Radio o Spare tire o Spare fuel (Shouldn’t need it, but who knows)
o Spare common failure parts for your vehicle o Assorted tools and any specialty tools you may need for your vehicle o MUST HAVE a garbage bag for trash and trail trash o Recovery Rigging (Not required if you don’t already have it. Enough of us will) • Food and water o Plan for lunch on the trail (even though day 2 we plan to eat in Cass)
o Plan for emergencies: A few nonperishable items to keep you fed just in case o Admittedly, I’ve never experienced 16+ rigs and X amount of people for dinner and camping so, I imagine grilling and cooking will be one massive commune.
o ***Breakfast*** As much as I like a big ol breakfast, please try to keep the 4 course scottle meal and tripod cast iron casserole meals to a null. Everyone will want to get up, eat, and get going. There’s no need to rush, but we also don’t want to burn daylight.
o Remember the 8x8 rule for water x amount of people in your rig. (8 8oz/day)
• Camping
o Tent, Hammock
o Sleeping Bag
o Sleeping Pad/air mattress (I won’t judge)
o Pillow (Everyone forgets a pillow)
o Tarp (Set your tent on it)
o Firewood (Can not be transported into West Virginia if the originating state has the Ash Borer. Please check local listings.) With that said. I am not a Ranger.
o Your Clothes
o Something to sit on
o Toiletries ▪ Toilet Paper ▪ Cleaning wipes ▪ Tooth Brush ▪ Tooth Paste ▪ Deodorant…
Please o BUG SPRAY
• Electronics o Phone Charger o Camera/Drone o Gopro o Extra batteries
• First Aid o I strongly suggest everyone create a kit and carry it every day and everywhere you go. If you do not have one, it’s a great, cheap investment that could save someone’s day, or life. I have a “full” trauma kit with suture kit. I suck at suturing. Please don’t make me do it. You’ll probably die of infection. There are a ton of podcasts that cover a good EDC kit. I’m a personal fan of “The Casual Prepper Podcast” for good medical tips.
• MEDICAL EMERGENCIES o PLEASE disclose to me any serious known medical condition. **I am NOT A DOCTOR, nor am I legally able to provide professional care in any way shape or form.** However, I am versed in emergency response and first aid. My wife is an RN (unfortunately won’t be making the May trip.) If I/We know what to look for, we can help you, call for help, or provide you with whatever care you may need.

• Breakdowns:
o No man left behind. Period. I don’t care if 500 rigs join CAMO and commit to driving. We aren’t leaving someone who needs help. Be patient. It could be you.
o **If a mechanical failure results in complete immobilization, we will assist you until you can make arrangements to get your rig hauled out of the woods, then continue on**
• Leave no trace:
o Stay on existing trails, markings, or throughways.
• Littering o Just don’t.
o Must bring garbage bag
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