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First weekend of mods

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So - after reading about everyone elses mods I finally had my first weekend of mods to my X.

Here is what I got done the weekend:

- Driver and passenger heated seats
- Cargo net in the rear - I used hallow door anchors which worked great
- Cargo floor mat trimmed for a custom fit

- I have the stuff bought for the LOBO mod, just havent go around to it yet.

I'll have a few pics of the final results a little later.

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Just wondering - in the "LOBO mod" thread - someone talked about a "paper towel" holder and a picture but I didnt see a pic of it. Does anyone have that around by chance? I have it doen just with a bungee cord but I'd like to see how others have it done.

Cool, keep'em coming!
Yea and pics are a must..........!!!!!!!!!!
That's how I have my paper towels up there is by a small bungie cord.
Can you post where you got the heated seats from?
knaffie said:
Can you post where you got the heated seats from?
x2 - It gets cold in Michigan
Ya - I have pics but cant find the digital camera right now :)

Anyway - here is what I did for the heated seats.

I got two heated seat pads from WalMart on clearence for $7.00 each. They look something like this:

So, at first I was going to put these on the seats and just put seat covers over them but that would not be cool. So, I cut the seat pads open and took the heat elements out of them. I wired them directly to the 12volt outlet in the armrest. Worked out well as power is only supplied to that one when the car is on. I also mounted the switched in the arm rest for a very clean install.

I'll post some pics tomorrow... when I find the camera :)

The wife is working tomorrow so I may get at the LOBO mod.

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Just to help some people out, you need a Canadian postal code. Heres one, I just googled and used the first one I found.

K1V 1J8
Ok - this is my first attempt at this so please be gentle :)

So I really watned to add heated sets to my X, but the prices for the kits
on ebay are a bit overpriced at $75 per seat - so at first I was just going
to buy heated seat pads and cover them with seat covers.

So I came across these heat pads at Walmart on clearence for $7.00 -
now, these are heated seats ONLY - not the massaging pads.

But when I got them home and tried them on, it wasnt really what I was
looing for. So I figured that the seat pas had to have something similar to
the ebay kits inside ... right? RIGHT!

Step 1: Cut that sucker open and you have:

Step 2: The wires joining the two halfs are not quite long enough - so
solder in some extensions:

Step3: Open the arm rest and remove the three screws

Step 4: With a bit of force, pull the back off the arm rest. This gives you
access to the wiring for the 12v outlet in the console.

Step 5: Unzip and unhook the seat cover

Step 6: On each side of the seat - remove the two bolts holding the back
of the seat to the bottom. This makes the install must easier.

So - I dont have any pics of the next part - but essentially, you just fix the
heat pads under the seat covers.

Step 7: So - at this point the seat back is re-installed. Run the wires
under the seat and to the arm rest. I wraped the wires in electrical tape
to keep the neat and protected then shrink wrap them as well just to
make sure!

Remember to leave enough slack to make sure that when moving the
seat back and forth you don't wear the wires! Be extra sure that the
wires dont cross the track or get anywhere that they could be cut.

Step 8: In this picture you can see I have the passenger side switch wired
up - excuse the black tape - just using that while testing everything.
Would hate to go through all the trouble of soldering and shrink wrapping
only to find out it doesnt work :)

On each of the stock wires, cut back some plastic and using a multi meter
(or other means) check the contiunity to determin which wire is the tip of
the outlet and which is the side. Wire your heat elements according.
Also, I put an inline fuse on the wire that runs to the tip - I used the same
fuse that came with the seat cushions 12v adapter.

Step 9: The finished product - this is all you can see when its done. I
mounted it in here to avoid turning it on by accident.

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And that's the outlet that is only hot when the key is on, right? The battery will drain in a big hurry if those are left on when the vehicle is off. Nicely done! I might just have to copy that!
Next is how I mounts the cargo net - this is very simple, but I just wanted
to share how I mounts the net hooks. I think its a good idea :)

At canadian tire they have these "Hallow wall drive anchors". They are
usually used when hanging heavy stuff on drywall.

Here is a (very bad) pic of what it looks like out of the package:

I'm gonna do this demostration with a spare one I had left over so you get the idea.

Step 1: Drill a hole in the cargo area where you want the four anchors to go.

Step 2: Put the anchor in the hole - and hold on to it with pliers as it very
hard to turn. Turn the screw all the way in, and then keep going with
some more pressure, the "legs" start bending up:

Step 3: Keep turning until you start gettng resistance

Step 4: Here is what the anchor looks like once your done:

Step 5: Now just screw in the mounts and attach your net:


Also, in this picture you can see the mat I trimmed to cover the interior. I
forgot about one installation I did the weekend - and to "install" the wife's
little sandle hanging thing... :) Don't worry - cant really see it from

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Newf said:
Next is how I mounts the cargo net - this is very simple, but I just wanted
to share how I mounts the net hooks. I think its a good idea :)
What advantage do you gain by doing it that way vs using the hooks that come with the X?
nice write up man. i think i will do the same thing this weekend
If you are refering to the hook on the door trim and the floor cargo hooks there were a few reasons. The cargo net I had was really too long to use the stock locations - I tried it but I didnt really like the way it looked. This way the net is pulled tight right across the back.

Also, I can open the floor cargo hatch without unlatchnig anything.

I wanted something to prevent stuff from falling out the back when I open the rear door - this setup does it in spades.

Just went to Walmart, Target, and Meijer. None of them have any kind of seat heaters. Any chance you still have the box it came in and could post a pic of it?
I don't - no..

But I have to run up to Walmart this afternoon - I'll see if they have any left and I'll snap a pic with my phone.

So I was just up there and they dont have the same ones anymore... but here is a picture of what they look like:

When you cut it open, there are two seperate heating elements - any heated seat cusion that has the same should do fine. Or you could just get one of the kits off of ebay.

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I have been looking at these: Heated Seat Kits
B Slater said:
I have been looking at these: Heated Seat Kits
There are those. And there are also:
I had these in my ZR2 and they worked very well.

And these:
I know people that had these with good results
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