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A while ago I asked John if he could make a roof rack for my 2001 X and he delivered. In addition I asked him to add a CB antenna mount, rear light mounts, and three mounts up front for my forward facing overhead lights; he did it all without issue. I must say this thing is awesome and I cannot wait to get the lights mounted on it.

Installation took me about 4-5 hours (this included learning the tricks on bolt tightening order, beers, detailing the roof paint, and making rubber pads that go between the brackets/roof). Here is a basic run down:

1: Spray the OEM roof rack mounting bolts with PB Blaster 3-4 times over the
week leading up to the install.

2: Wash the roof

3: Remove the old rack using the supplied tool from your OEM kit

3: Clay bar the roof to clean the nasty stuff under your old mounts

4: Wax the roof (you wont be able to after the rack is installed)

5: Cut out rubber pieces to go between the rack mounts and roof (Picture 1)

6: Lock tight the allen bolts and mount the mounts (don't fully tighten). The corner that is not squared off always goes forward and to the outside (Picture 2-4)

7: Use the four shorter allen bolts to plug the holes on the front/middle mounting areas not used by the Xoskel mounts. I used lock tight, threaded it in a bit, squeezed silicone in, and then tightened them down.

8: Attached the Xoskel rack to the mounts using the six 19mm bolts (use lock tight). You will have to shift the mounts around to get them to line up (hence not fully tightening in step 6). Tighten the four rearmost 19mm bolts all the way (leave the font too loose)

9: Tighten the allen bolts on the mounting brackets all the way. You have to lift up on the front of the rack to fit the allen wrench onto the front mounts.

10: Tighten the two front 19mm bolts fully.

Picture 1

Picture 2 (Rear Mount)

Picture 3 (Middle Mount)

Picture 4 (Front Mount)

The Transformation:

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