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farley27's Build Page

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Username: farley27

Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4X4
Color: Red Brawn


Factory rubber floor mats front and back
3022-xHP4: 4 High Power LED Festoon Bulbs in cool white
OTRATTW Switches
Rex Rug mod
175lb rear struts
Better, Beefier rear tie downs
Wet Okole front seat covers
Sony CDX-GT250MP Head Unit
Midland 75-820
Automatic starter
RIXN Large ceiling net
SPOT GPS Tracker


Air Flow Snorkel
Xoskel low pro light cage w/ 4 Hella 500s (Thanks Killswitch)
Hella protective laminate covers (smoke)
Xoskel Rear Light Bar with (2) Totron Duallys
Dephep Rack w/ Hi-Lift mount
CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna
Bedlined plastics/bumpers/wheels/fuel door/hood
Rear Hitch
Bedlined Cooler rack w/ 8 rod holders 56qt marine cooler
Silver Star Ultra headlights/reverse lights
In channel rain guards
Gobi ladder
16" Rear Wiper Blade
4' Firestik Tunable Tip
OEM foglight kit+stalk
Bottle opener bolted to rear bumper
Modified Hitch plug
Southco locking wetbox handle
RBH2 Raingler Ballistic Rack Handle (X2)
DieHard Platinum P-1 - Group Size 34
eternal_SiR Custom "X" Battery Tie Down
PIAA Dual Tone Sports Horn

Total Choas UCA's (thanks ridge runner X) Still need to install
Radflo 2.0 Coilovers (thanks Hoagie27) Still need to install
Alcan Leaf pack 3"+350lbs
PRG Bilstein Rear 5125 Series Xterra Shocks 3"-5"
Titan U-bolt flip Kit (Thanks Jerseyparts)
PRG Variable Height Shackles
PRG 3* degree shims
Surf and Snow rear brake line extension mod

OR Skid-Engine/Tranny/Fuel
Shrockworks Sliders (thanks Hoagie27)
Shrockworks Rear Diff Cover

285/75/R16 Definity Dakota M/T's + Matching spare on Bedlined S wheel
1.5" Wheel Spacers
Replaced the timing chain and tensioners (not covered)
Relocate rear diff breather
Rad/Tranny bypass
Royal Purple in Diffs and Transfer case
Mobile 1 full synthetic

Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe
Fiskars 7860 Brush Axe
Estwing Camper's Axe
Oasis Tire Deflators
MasterFlow Rechargeable Air Compressor
48" Hi-Lift Jack+Lift-Mate
Tow Straps (X2)
Hoagie27's Shackles (X2)
Gerber E-Tool Folding Shovel
400w power inverted
Jumper Cables
Mag-Lite ST3D016 2-D/3-D Cell LED (X2)
Magnesium Fire starter
ENO Hammock+tree straps
550 parachute cord
Camo Tarp
Work Gloves
Kidde ABC MP Pro 110 Extinguisher
Road Flares

OEM Mudflaps
OEM Shackles
OEM Step Rails
OEM First Aid Kit
OEM Carpeted Floor Mats
OEM Leaf Springs
Rear Sway Bar
Lobo shelf
Hellwig Helper Springs
Xoskel Low Pro light bar/(4) Hella FF75

Photos courtesy of Killswitch

Got to thank ALL the great people I have met through TNX/GPAX for helping me out with installs, teaching me, inviting me to events, and their homes.................not to mention getting drunk with me!!!
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Nice start to a mighty fine Xterra Page, farley27.
I'm kinda partial to the color. Looks good!
Looking good! I was thinking about getting the Wild peak at's, how are they holding up?
No complaints, they were great in all the snow we got over the winter. I have to get some pics up of it lifted.:eek:ccasion5:
edited w/pics of lift and steathed plastics
First trip of the year, beach fishing in OBX. Literally pointed the X and it went there, really impressed with her! Deep mud holes to very loose sugar sand it didn't miss a beat.

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That's a trippy cooler and rod holder rack!Never seen anything like it.
That's a trippy cooler and rod holder rack!Never seen anything like it.
Its awesome, holds soooo much beer
Did you stay in Corova or just take a day trip? I loved my trip to OBX last year. Looking to go again next year
Did you stay in Corova or just take a day trip? I loved my trip to OBX last year. Looking to go again next year
Stay in corolla, then 5 min trip up 12. We always go in the off season.....less idiots driving on the beach/back sand roads.
How's it running since the belt was replaced.....I think you said it was making noises in the morning.
great, no more whistling in the morning!
Are you on StripersOnline? I feel like I've seen you name or X on there several times.
What brand fishing rack is that? I've been thinking about getting one just haven't pulled the trigger.
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