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Factory Fog Light Install Problem

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First of all, I'm a new xterra owner and new to this forum. Great source of info!

Ok, I have a 2007 Xterra S. I read about the factory foglight kit, where to order, and how to check to see if I had the wiring harness. All seemed great - got the parts today, installed the lamps, started installing the "stalk" and it is a bit different but VERY close. It doesn't slide completely in and click, and the electrical connector pins are a bit different - basically the 8 pins are spread out a bit more on the new stalk.

I was so excited to get the parts today, but dissapointed to find the stalk not fitting. Has anyone installed this in a 2007 model yet?

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Haven't done the install, but thought I read that the stalks for the 07 were different than the 05-06. You sure you have the 07 stalk?
Looks like I don't have the 07 stalk.... kept digging on the forum and I see a posting about my problem (sorry I didn't look long enough first). Looks like the '07 needs 25540-ea005, and I have the '06 version 25540-EA00A. Thanks for the response.
Dude you did plenty of homework!! dont worry about posting your problems, that is what we are here for! This is a VERY friendly forum, and we are all here to help each other.
Just a followup - there is definitely a different stalk for the '07 models. Got my replacement today, installed it in about 3 minutes - worked like a champ. I want to say how I appreciate Brian for helping me with the situation, finding the resolution to the problem, and quickly shipping out the right part. I highly recommend doing business with him:

If you're thinking about the fog lights, and you can part with the extra cash - get the factory set!! The extra $$ is with the clean, quick & easy installation, plus the slick integration into the blinker switch.
Well, we have to get that into the org post now so someone else can see there is a difference. Huh? Nice post, who would have thought they would change that part? When I noticed where you got it, I knew they would take care of you, yournissanparts is tops! MC
I got my foglights in stalled yesterday, woohoo! The only problem I had was that it seems like the lights won't get completely flush with the front bumper. From a distance they look good, but when you're standing right in front of the X and look down you can see gaps between the lights and the hole. Is this common? I tried pushing as hard as I could and ended up scraping the tabs up pretty bad on the inside of the front bumper where the light clips on.
Doeknow, but swing by the dealer and compare your set up to a factory one. I did some fabing and got mine to fit in a shrockworks bumper like totaly wrong and had to fix it. There are knobs on the lights to adjust, use them for a reference. Plus, the letters should read right when looking at it. MC
Just did this mod today. They do have a little gap and don't sit entirely flush with the openings. They look the same as the ones on our '07 SE. This mod was one of the easiest to do. In fact, it was so easy....

Captain Caveman could do it!
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I pushed on mine like that too when I installed them, thinking they were not seated. I figure the gap is about keeping hot bulbs off the plastic and/or allowing moisture to run rather than puddling while running down the road.
Just to add to this thread, I received my fog light kit from yournissanparts today and they sent the original stalk, not the fog light stalk. I expect to get this fixed without issue but thought everyone should know before ordering. Maybe we should specify what we need exactly when ordering.
I tried to install my "" fog light kit on my 2007 S yesterday and ran into the same problem with the turnsignal stalk. The number is right on the invoice (25540-ET11A) but it isn't what they sent me (25540-EA00A) so I'll be calling them tomorrow. Thanks to the forum I got a 10% discount by using the club discount code "thenewx" that I found in another thread. Good deal!

Other than the parts mixup it's a great setup. It's as close to plug and play as you can get. Lots more solid than the Hellas were on my old Jimmy. No matter how tight I made them they were always getting bumped out of alignment.
I recieved my correct stalk yesterday installed and working great. overnighted the stalk to me.
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