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This might sound dum but i want a loud exhaust system. What is the best system to buy or build

thanks ,

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straight pipe :)
post up what system you guys have on your trucks

Gibson Cat Back..... great piece of exhaust work.

It wasnt THAT expensive and after a couple hundred miles it sounds great.... felt like a boost in performance when i first added it too. Now i cant remember what it used to feel like so i can no longer compare. If you want a loud in your face exhaust, this isnt it though, because it is kinda loud, but by no means in your face or booming.
Flowmaster makes some pretty agressive sounding units. Make sure you do the research on them because I think they make some quitet ones too.
straight pipe it... and install one of those cheap cherrybomb fiberglass muffler/resonators. that will be loud.....
i have a flow 40 delta series. 3" at the y-pipe to the exit. it sounds NICE. if you can tolerate some interior resonance flowmaster is the way to go. granted being in Turkey the labor was dirt cheap (100 bucks for pipe and labor) but 90 bucks for the muffler AND shipping. 190 bucks total for me and i LOVE the sound. on a warm/hot start it has a nice grumble to it. cold starts has the cold idle but everyone gives me approving looks. the 3" adds a nice "big engine" note to it when you slam the skinny pedal.
any one got any sound clips?

thanks ,

i have a flowmaster 50 series on mi Xterraaa
front resonators removed. replaced y-pipe. 2.5" piping to magnaflow muffler. stock tail pipe with factory resonator. simple setup, nice sound
I`ve got the Flowmaster 40 series.It`s LOUD.I`ll be putting on a new Y pipe and cutting off the 2 rear cats soon.It might be too loud then!
how loud is the Flowmaster 50 series? I'm looking for something rather quiet
Buzzard said:
how loud is the Flowmaster 50 series? I'm looking for something rather quiet
actually im about to swap out mi exhaust..

the 50 series is just a little too big for the a 3' inlet.
and the xterra has a only a 2.5 inlet..

and because of this i got vibration on mi car..

so now im lookin into a gibson..

but for loudness.
is really not that loud..
unless u get on it..
it opens up then
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sounds cool guys il be ordering a flowmaster 40 and i talked to a local shop near by and he said he will make it sounds nice as long as i bring the muffler

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