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ECXC 2007

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Here are the details:

Thursday July 19th thru Sunday 22nd.

Where: Rausch Creek and Paragon Adventure Park, PA.

Camping at Red Ridge Campground. Yippy! Real Showers.

Click for Details
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I just might have to put in some leave to come check this out!!!
WHOO HOO, Finally, I'm not just stuck to one little island (Oahu, HI) for some wheelin!!
me too. hopefully ill be lifted and bumpers will be done.
I can't resist!
Hey Kokopop go sign up! You really got everyone hopping to it on that one.... always 1st on the run news again! MC
soooo tempting!

2NDX said:
Believe me. I am a moderator and by no means a master.

BTW: If you are going to the NIORA run on 2/10 I will be there.
Yea, we are just 05+ pioneers. Making the way for those who follow that much easier and....cheaper. MC
anyone mind if I tag along with them on the trails as a passenger? I will bring my X, and camp out of it, but I dont really have all the offroading gear on yet to get the full experience. I would like to ride with someone and see if I can catch the fever, and then buy offroading parts.
You are more then welcome to tag along with me.
I signed up. The most off roading i have done was in my younger 29, so old i know. We had a cabin up in the middle of no where in pa. Lots of off roading opportunities. And growing up in chardon where we get 5 feet of snow every dman night was an offraoding experience i would do in my 92 chevy blew up about 6 years ago...........So i dont have much experience, but i signed up too. The only offroad geear i have at the moment is 4 wheel drive. But alot can happen between now and july. Oh, i have a big american bulldog, she is pretty strong, i bet i could call her my "winch" and have her pull me out of tight spots. Does that count as more gear?
Hook up over on WPAXC.

There is a little of everything at those two parks. So no matter the skill level of you or your X, you'll still have fun.
2NDX said:
Hail to the king, baby.


I'm pretty set on going, count me in

I'm stock, so all you guys that are stock should still come out and do some wheelin...they have trails for all levels
I'll be there as always..

i'll have to check my calendar when it gets closer, but count me in for atleast one of the days!
I will only be there for Thursday and Friday. And my tent will be far away from RIXterra's.
kokopop said:
I will only be there for Thursday and Friday. And my tent will be far away from RIXterra's.
What's the matter Keith don't like my snoring?
The WPAXC group should be getting there Wednesday afternoon and leaving Sunday.

I think this year we need to get a TheNewX group shot!
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