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I didn't want to leave room for speculation on how ours work v\s the competition's out there -

We discovered that you guys reporting losses from the AirAid Units to be accurate. We ran multiple test on this vehicle to see just where the losses came in. When you compare the Air Aid unit to stock, we found that immediately once we took the unit off, we started making more power.

On the dyno, we were able to pull 4 more lbs of torque and 3 horsepower. I decided to use the lowest numbers from all accounts to show the smallest gains so that there was little room for what people like to refer to as "dyno error" - It is my best speculation that the reason why people lose power after close imspection is that the Air Aid Unit is not only to small thicknesswise, but the inner diameter of the unit is to small. I don't know if this is because they want to "force" air through the vortex thing, or because it's just a sloppy measurement? I do know that by bottle necking right after the throttle plate makes complete sense to why you guys say that it losses power.

That being said - We Moved on to a side by side comparison of the AirAid vs Ours -
It is apparant that their unit is just to small - it's not going to have the added benefit of increasing the plenum size like it should do

In these two dyno's listed below we are comparing two things

a) the first dyno is the WRP Technology TBS vs the Air Aid unit - We made 9lbs of tq and 6 hp more then the Airaid.

b) This is the stock numbers and then the WRP tech numbers: - I think the biggest gain from the smooth bore throttle body spacer is that it allows the larger plenum to benefit when the secondaries open up around 4500 rpms - see the shift in the power band.

Notice how we have the stock numbers on one, you can compare them to the airaid unit on the other - there are losses evident. The other thing I want you guys to notice is one of the things I have always said before. Using cheap gasket maker breaks down over time. It is only best to use the factory gasket for several reasons. It's replaceable, and will last the lift of the truck if not tampered with. Something I can't say the same for on the other unit....

group buy taking place here for those interested:

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sounds like ya got something good going, i'll have to wait tho, need to work on suspension for now.

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have you tried this with the intake spacer? I like the gains from that alone..gotta stay stealth for the smog man.

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well actually, the test vehicle was equipped with the IMS and we are running a group buy right now on these -

here is a link to the group buy being ran and the people on it -

payments received:

1)Irongrave - paid - froniterboard
2)avplayer - paid - froniterboard
3)ShinerMiller - paid - froniterboard
4)Mobeebo - paid - froniterboard
5)4drfrontizzle06 - paid - clubfrontier
6)doorkicker - paid - clubfrontier
7)ratsworld - paid - froniterboard
8)06nismocrew - paid - froniterboard
9)chrise660 - paid - clubfrontier
10)xterra c.o. - paid - clubfrontier
11)GVNSIMO - clubfrontier – paid
12)zedman86 – clubfrontier – paid
13)pyschoam2 – clubfrontier – paid
14)rc51v2 – clubfrontier – paid
15)edot1213 – clubfrontier – paid
16)rdrfronty – froniterboard – paid
17)primerhb55 – – paid
18)dubie2003 – froniterboard - paid
19)Nizmut - ************* - paid
20)buzzsaw - clubfrontier - paid
21)PreRunnerCrew - clubfrontier - paid
22)shift this - ************* - paid
23)d1sc0ver - clubfrontier - paid
24)pckrsguy - clubfrontier - paid
25)Nightsgt - clubfrontier - paid
26)Yuki_likes_Ska - clubfrontier - paid
27)ramona - thenewx - paid
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