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Driving in Snow

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Hello guys,
Need a bit of advice on chains. Going to Lake Tahoe and I'm wondering what axle is best to install chains. My guess is front axle is better but after reading a bit, the advice is to check with the manufacturer. Also does it makes a difference having chains in both axles? Thanks in advance
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Run M&S 4-season Michelin LTX Defenders.

I go everywhere here in British Columbia during the winter. 4H is your friend. Never been close to getting stuck.

I find many drivers tend to forget about other drivers on the road when planning for winter conditions. It does not matter how well prepared YOU are, if the OTHERS are poorly equipped and lack experience driving on snow and ice, the roads will be dangerous and one should ideally sit out the worst conditions.

Your choice of tire or chains will not prevent others from sliding into you and possibly pushing you off the road.
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