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Driving in Snow

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Hello guys,
Need a bit of advice on chains. Going to Lake Tahoe and I'm wondering what axle is best to install chains. My guess is front axle is better but after reading a bit, the advice is to check with the manufacturer. Also does it makes a difference having chains in both axles? Thanks in advance
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Modern snow tires are unbelievable.

Get as set of 16" steelies from a salvage yard and mount up 245/75-16 snows. My preference is Continental Vikingcontact. Of course Blizzaks. Both are the best for high speeds on plowed snow covered roads and ice.

Nokian and General are better at digging through and clearing fresh loose snow and slush.

All seasons, and off-road/mud tires are not even in the same league. It's like putting on Hoosiers in the snow. You'll never need the chains rusting in the roof compartment.
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