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Username: Drew7997
Year: 2001
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: XE
Color: Silver Ice
[X] Heat gunned the plastics
[X] Removed step rails
[X] Install Boss 140 amp circuit breaker
[X] Upgrade rear speakers
[X] New fog lights IFP 840F's using factory fuses/relay
[X] 750WATT inverter install
[X] Run electical to the back.
[X] Hitch mounted shackle mount with locking pin
[X] 6" 100W lights installed
[X] Drew Cooler Mod
[X] Extend Rear diff breather
[X] Total Chaos Idler Arm Brace (IAB)
[X] Upper Console for CB and switches (almost complete)
[X] Ax Mount
[X] IPF decals (+2 HP)
[X] Onboard USB ports
[X] 3M Headlight Restoration
[X] Gather recovery gear (ongoing)
.....{x} ARB Tire repair kit
.....{x} 12v compressor
.....{x} SmittyBuilt Snatch Strap
.....{x} Smittybuilt 3"x6' Tree strap
.....{x} Smitty built Snatch block
.....{x} 8000 lbs come-along
[X] Outlet on rear bumper
[X] 7+4 pin trailer connector
[X] Helios Optix LED Headlight conversion
[X] Operation BEEFY
[X] Side Mounted 36w lights

Future Mods:
[ ] Dog ramp
[ ] Aux battery in engine compartment (Kodiak Industries)
[ ] 2001 Nissan Quest Alternator upgrade
[ ] BnM light bar
[ ] Dephep roof rack
[ ] Under Armor (skids)
[ ] Sliders
[ ] Rear bumper with tire carrier/Hi lift mount
[ ] Custom front bumper with winch
[ ] Upgrade front speakers
[ ] Tube UCA

I would like to say that BigRed kept this thing C.L.E.A.N. There is no rust on the body anywhere, everything works on it, the only thing that needs to be completed is the Timing Belt/water pump replacement. (any volunteers to help?) (EDIT- Completed). He also named it NED, so to prevent an identity crisis, I kept the name. I have finally figured out what it stands for: Nissans Environmental Dominator... N.E.D.

My cheeks hurt from grinning the whole way home from Xenia to Akron. While my wife drove it on Sunday My wife asked if we were keeping the tires the same when these wear out.
You know those Walt Disney commercials where those kids go crazy when they find out they are going? Those reactions paled in comparison to my outward showing once I drove it home. LOL.

10 years in the making. I finally own one.

The next day after I got her home

Walking out to lunch the the day after bringing her home:

Needed to destress the same day so I found some mounds of dirt:

Used a heat gun by Wagner to turn those ugly faded greys into almost new greys. Depending on how long this lasts I'll buy some Blacktastic.
Washed, dried, heated up the panels, and then laid down some Turtle Wax ICE. I think that it came out looking really nice! Too bad it rained that night and all day the next day.
Pics of the heat gun in action:
Left rear completed, right rear stock

Same as above

Completed with wax applied:

I took this one to show the fact that heating the plastic removed the damage that is shown in pic #4 of this post. Corner of the right rear quarter.

Removed stock step rails

I've had a set of 6x9’ for a few years that I had originally installed in my 94 Chevy Cavalier. I noticed that the rear speakers were also 6x9. I figured I’d install them in the same spot. No problem, right? HA! They were too deep. So- I made them fit. I used standoffs that cut in half to fit.
I used some nuts/bolts to fasten it to the metal panel. Used crimp connectors to connect them to the radio. So far there is A LOT better , lows, mids, highs. With the added 3.5 with bass blockers even more mids/ highs!
Eventually the fronts will be upgraded. Maybe one day even a new head unit.

The replacements:

Size difference:

Final Product- relocated the 12V outlet down for the 3.25" speaker.

Installed circuit breaker with 4g wire.

Installed 750W inverter under passenger seat.

Ran 120V electrical to the rear from inverter mounted under the passenger seat

Replaced timing belt and all parts in the timing belt kit plus heater hoses.

Upgraded Radiator to thicker 2002 Super Charger version.

Installed hitch shackle

Received Smittybuilt Snatch Strap CC120

upgraded stock 35w fog lights to IPF 840F 100w lights. Also added 85W PIAA 510 SMR's

Added 100w 6" spots

Cooler Mod

Ax Mount:

Onboard USB ports for charging. I created one of these for my DD (Chevy Malibu) No issues at all and on for over two years now.

Upgraded my headlight output by using 3m headlight restoration I sort of wish I had used a Lux meter to measure the output.
Driver before:

Driver after:

Passenger just after I started with the 500 Grit sandpaper:

Passenger final result:

The blue hues is the color of the headlight bulb. AMAZING!!!

Ran 120v electrical to the rear bumper:

Installed a 7+4 pin Trailer connector

Update to the Lens cleaning by 3M is an LED light. Amazing light output with proper aiming:
Stock 9004 Silverstar ZXE's

Helios Optix 9004 LED replacements

6/04/2014-7/1/2014 Operation BEEFY:


Side Mounted 36w lights
I like these spots, but I think i may add or replace the front lens with a disperse lens. Only time will tell. I will probably move them backwards but still on the basket. I had about 4 hours to mount and install these before our trip.


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Nice job on the plastics.

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yeah man, thats great. Nice looking truck.

and thanks for the tip, I may have to try that. Mines not even a year old and the plastic bumper parts already look like crap.

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Thanks everybody. like I said BigRed kept it really clean. there is 4 areas of rust. Three about the size of the tip of a pen. Two of those are on the front lip of the hood. One on the RR window edge and the last portion of rust is a scrape near the fuel door from taking out a mailbox. All not that big of a deal considering the age and just south of the snow belt. I have more than that on my 2005 Impala.

Yep- Just keep the nozzle about 2 inches away and use a sweeping action. You'll notice that the edges where your nozzle is will turn white. No worries, they disappear as you can see in the pics.

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SO- I have the opportunity to add a pair of 6" Stainless Steel Spot 100W Eagle Eyes for ~$40 for both lights. (no relay, wiring, switch- Fine by me)
Three things:
1st: What do you think about the standard 6" 100W from Eagle Eyes?
2nd: I'd like to mount the initial set to the metal bumper, I'd put these on the outsides so that I can put a driving light set in the middle. Thoughts?

3rd: any idea how to paint stainless steel? same method as anything else?

Thank you for all recommendations!

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Painting metal = proper surface prep. Scuff sand, clean with solvent and tack rag prior to coating. Use a metal etching primer, do not touch while drying, tack rag again, top coat. Use several light top coats per mfr instructions.

Might be easier to mount them lower than that - attached via some mount coming out of the lower hole.

hehehe. I said lower hole.

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the pic was just for reference of four lights.
they would be mounted at about that height however the mounting bolt for these things are a little tall- imo. light grey bumper that is actually below the lights is where they would mount.

Just need to get me two more ;)

THanks Blain. I know that somebody did it just didn't know his SN.

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Lookin great, glad to see Ned found a good home!
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