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Does none Heated Seats Models have Wiring for Heated Seats?

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So for context, I have a 2005 Xterra SE. It doesn’t have heated seats. I was thinking of installing a newer model X seats with heat integration. Is this something that’s possible? Easier with aftermarket?
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You'll have to add everything, including wiring, if you want heated seats in your '05. I believe it didn't become an option (Pro4x with leather??) until 2013 models.
I didn't even realize heated seats where an option in newer models. How hard would it be to install it into a 2011 Pro-4X with leather?
Zero wiring exists. 100% DIY
I'm having my driver seat re-stuffed at an upholstery shop. At the same time, I'm having them add heaters to both seats for another $525.
How-to for anyone considering the DIY option:

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