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do you hear a click, click click when putting t-case in 4lo?

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When in Nuetral, and I put the t-case into 4lo, I can hear a click, click, click, then the 4lo light finishes blinking.

Is this normal? I have a 2006 4WD S.

thanks in advance.

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That's what I hear. It scared my wife first time she heard it. There are some hefty gears getting moved around in there.

Yeah, that's the beauty of the electronic stuff. ID10T proof. :p
he he. That and a B T punch from the snipes.
Out now. I was in for a little over 6 yr. In Gulf War 1 on the USS Forrestal then on a frigate (USS Curts) sitting in the Red Sea and P Gulf most of the time. I posted in "Calling all military".

Dont you read your own posts?! :violent3:
Honestly, i have to agree with you there. e.g. i have a 6sp. The auto makers like the lesser liability of the new fangled stuff though.
Been really busy as I'm getting ready to get out myself. Reading posts are hit and miss for now. Packing up the house, etc.
Congrats! :rockin: i was mighty happy when i got out. i wasn't cut out to be a lifer. Though it would have been nice to retire in 3 years.
You don't see them kicking any Admrals or Generals out b/c their index is a little high. HA!
Do as I say not as I do.
1 - 7 of 25 Posts
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