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do you hear a click, click click when putting t-case in 4lo?

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When in Nuetral, and I put the t-case into 4lo, I can hear a click, click, click, then the 4lo light finishes blinking.

Is this normal? I have a 2006 4WD S.

thanks in advance.

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ZwithanX said:
That's what I hear. It scared my wife first time she heard it. There are some hefty gears getting moved around in there.


Anyone else? I was surprised tonight when I used 4lo for the first time. Then I thought I might have done something, since I didn't shift into N when I turned the switch.

pavementSucks said:
i have a question along the same lines. Is it necessary to shift into neutral before putting it in 4hi or 4lo (i have an S automatic)
I never got into 4lo the first time, because I wasn't in N. So, I drove like that for a few feet, forward and back, and realized I was still in the high range, with the 4lo blinking.

So, I put it in N, then shifted, and heard the clicks, and hoped I didn't bung anything up.

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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