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Intro Comments: Figured I'd post over here since I've been spending more time on this board than over on expedition portal and to prove I'm a real person when the time comes to buy more stuff from the for sale section. I seem to update that one more but maybe that will change. I hope others can learn from my build the way I learned from everyone else on here. Great community and I hope to see some of you out there at some point.


Comments: Purchased with around 60k miles. Now up to 80k in one year (yeah I drive a lot...) For the build, I am looking to make it an overland based rig, with the ability to do medium trails by the end of it. It is my daily driver, so I'd like to keep suspension and armor at a relatively moderate level to still maintain good highway manners (as much as I'd love to Titan Swap it).

Edit: Funny how I said I wouldn't Titan Swap....

Username: dmski

Make: Nissan
Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Color: Midnight Blue


Rear LED flood lightbar (Insain Fab)
Window Guards
Hood Deflector
Larsen steel Whip w/NMO hood mount CB antenna
Custom Exhaust clamp Shovel mounts
Yakima Basketcase Roof Basket with custom mounts for fuel/soft luggage
Custom Shovel/hilift mounts
28" Cheapo LED bar (replaced Hella 500ff's)
Cheapo LED fog light pods for ARB bumper (wired to fog light housing using wiring harness) with yellow tint
Vision X Driving LED cubes
Blue Sea Fuse box
Bedlined Lower Sides due to chips and trail damage
ARB awning with custom mounting brackets
Locking Roof Box Handle Installed (ebay find)
Front windows tinted to match rear

Front ARB bumper (found for a frontier at a scratch and dent, custom mounts for xterra using Shrockworks mounting brackets)
Shrockworks Engine Skid
Black Panther Transmission Skid
Black Panther Transfer Case Skid
Insain Fab Sliders Bedlined
Blackwidow Fab Radiator Skid
Recovery Brackets
Rocky Road Rear Diff Skid

Front Suspension:
Titan Moog Lower Left control arm: RK620512
Titan Moog lower right control arm: RK620511
Titan Moog inner tie rod: EV800216
Titan Moog left outer tie rod: ES800031
Titan Moog right outer tie rod: ES800032
Titan Cardone Halfshafts: 66-6238
Titan Rough Country UCA's: 83401
M205 Diff (3.36 2 rib with 100k miles)
Bilstein 5100 Tundra shocks: 24-261425
Used Toyota FJ springs (633lb)
Glamisdude Custom Top hats with inner spring retainer welded in
KYB upper isolator kit: SM5699
Belltech Front Bumpstops: 4923
PRG Extended front brake lines

Rear Suspension:
M226 Diff (3.36 with E locker with 44k miles and Titan aluminum diff cover )
OTRATTW Rear locker switch upper solid, lower bar: V1D1GNNB-PZC80-5LR2
PRG U bolts
PRG rear brake line bracket
OME rear HD leaf pack
PRG Bilstein 5125 rear Shocks with 3-4" lift
Spidertrax rear 1.5" wheel spacers
Set of PRG shackles
Set of Rear 3 degree shims (flipped fat end backwards)
Timbren Rear Bumpstops
NW driveline custom rear driveshaft

Wheels and Tires:
285/75/16 Falken AT3W's
Level 8 ZX wheels

Floor Mats
Fire Extinguisher
Rockford Fosgate Sound System
OTRATTW Switches (Manual Cooling fan control, driving lights, rear lights) in center area
UV5R HAM Radio
Midlands Handheld CB in centerconsole
Phone mount for GPS/TOPO Maps app (best 10 dollar app!)
Rear Home Depot cargo mat
LED Dome Lights (DE3175) (LED lighting info)
Trans temp gauge in custom center console
Dash Camera
Cabellas Seat Cover
Cigarette Socket, Dual USB Socket & Voltage Meter in homemade gauge cluster
Bully Dog Tuner
Custom built drawer system for storage in rear

Transmission Bypass Mod
Additional B&M trans cooler (mounted below stock cooler)
Derale 8" Fan mounted on stock trans cooler
Maintenance work. 120k mile service
Brass Marine Battery Terminals
Rear diff breather extension (confirmed that PN 38323-C601A works for C200 axles but is a tight fit)
Autometer Transmission Temp Gauge
Moroso Oil Catch Can 85629
Doug Thorley Long Tube Headers

Engo SR10k Winch
30000lb Recovery Strap
Two 5 ton Shackles
Tool kit
Wiper Fluid
First Aid Kit
Rear Hitch Recovery
Hi Lift Jack
MV-50 Air compressor
5 gallon Water/Fuel jugs
Anti Gravity Battery Jump Starter (excellent!)

Future Plans:
Fab up Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier and Jerry can holder
Lightweight gas skid
Dual Battery Setup
150k mile service
DIY radiator skid
Full roof rack swapped
Monstaline Roof
Rewire/cleanup wiring/relay bank
HAM radio install
Internal Snorkel Project
Molle Panels
Radio/Backup Camera swap
Clear bra heavy hit areas (DIY project)
Win the lottery for all these upgrades...

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Good looking X. About to do the same to my new (to me) 06. Want the same tuff Daily Driver myself. Look forward to following

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Good looking X. About to do the same to my new (to me) 06. Want the same tuff Daily Driver myself. Look forward to following
Thanks! Yeah I've had mine a year and love it. Had a 1st gen too and while that was great, the power and utility of the 2nd gen is mui bueno. 1st gen photos just for kicks of its last adventures!

I've been doing mine in stages and so far so good. next stage is going to be finishing out my lift to end at 3 inches. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you have an auto get that transmission bypass done or replace the radiator. Otherwise enjoy the rig!

And onto other things. Here is a few photo updates of what I've done to the rig prior to this build thread. Enjoy!

Very first trip with the new xterra to the ghost town of Lester.

Installlation of fan and bypassed cooler:

Installation of Hella lights and rear light:

Wiring for lights and fan:

Skids found at a junkyard (black panther is the company I believe?)

Mud flaps (soon after they were ripped off):

CB installed in glovebox:

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Unfortunately i had to get new Tran and Rad 48hrs after i paid for it....trusted the stealership and got burned. After that i got a good aftermarket warranty that paid for a full timing chain repair and while they were inside her they replaced the Alternator. So now i feel she is ready to build on with the major bugs fixed. I have had mine for about 8 months and so far other than the bs i dealt with the 1st month I LOVE THIS TRUCK.

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Figured I'd post up the weekend trip. Plenty of fun to be had at Tahuya. The first day was excellent and muddy as per the NW standard. Some photo cred goes to my buddy in the Land Cruiser

The second day was filled with firsts for us. Our jeep friend had the opportunity to winch out a TJ that had gotten hung up in the rock garden but the day was unfortunately cut short by the jeep getting hydrolocked... Praying he would start up, we snatched him out and pulled the plugs and dried everything. We got lucky this time when it fired back up after a little bit of work. Called it quits and drove to the nearest Oreillys for a quick oil change and filter install. Snorkel may have bumped up on our lists.


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And in other news I finally finished the lift install. Thanks to a few newx members for providing the UCA's and spacer plates!

The ARB will be done this weekend I hope. 1.5" PRG spacers and UCA's up front, and Nisstec extended shackles out back. It took a surprising amount of time since the bushings in the rear had swollen and were not easy to remove. Ended up having to cut them out, and install new ones. I've learned that what can go wrong, will go wrong and projects NEVER go as planned. That said, I'm loving the stance and am officially done with suspension modifications until something fully wears out and needs replacing, which I'm hoping won't be for another 50k miles...

For those interested, the front UCA bolt I had to cut out and replace due to my steering column being in the way was a 14mmx1.25x80mm grade 10.9.

Spacer in:

UCA in:

New ride height:

Also from my other post on the trans temp gauge but here it is again. Center console setup. Left the right blank to put switches, a voltage gauge or an Ultra gauge in the future.

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A few pics from a recent trip which is a cross post from the expo thread. We started off I90 in Ellensburg on the Durr road. Moved from there to Douglas creek (which was a bit of a let down in terms of offroading) and finished on Highway 2 going from Wenatchee/Cashmere to Leavenworth only on dirt (the pleasant surprise of the trip and a place I highly recommend people go and explore). We have a beautiful state.

Camp for the night at Durr:

Douglas creek:

Very flat land:

Cleaning out airboxes:

Leavenworth/Cashmere Area:

Camp for the second night:

Airing Up!

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Trip report to Cle Elum area:

Gettings stuck was the theme of this trip... Wayyyyy to much winching was done. But it was fun to work on recovery skills and attempt to reach the lake.

Bend trip for my girlfriends birthday and some cave spelunking back in Febuary:

And Bumper is officially Installed:

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How much modifying did you have to do to the bumper?
Zero modifications to the ARB. All I had to do was fit my own brackets and get it into position. I used the shrockworks mounting bracket and welded 2x3" square tube to the front of it with 1/2" plate that had the bolt pattern I drilled vertical. Width wise the fit is perfect. Height is fine, but I did notice the hoops are a little lower on frontiers so its barely above the lights on the Xterra. Not noticeable when driving at night in my opinion and I have room to adjust upwards about 1/2" if I felt like it.

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I thought I read that you had to make some cuts (In a different thread). What did you use to close the gaps? What was the cost savings over going with one built specifically for an X?

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Probably should have clarified over there... my bad. I had to cut my old OEM bumper to fill in the gaps. No cutting on the ARB. I tried to keep it completely unmodified to not mess with their powder coat and mounting. Cost savings was huge. I had no intentions of buying a bumper but I was able to nab this one (granted with no hardware, lights, brackets, etc) for 100. I also notice more frontier bumpers around on craigs so for those interested in trying to make it work I'd say its not a bad option.

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Yeah they were going to cut it up and chuck it in the scrap bin since it didn't have any parts with it but I just couldn't let them do that! Even if I couldn't figure out how to make it work, I'm sure a frontier guy would want to have it.

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Throwback to an older thread with some trip photos. Trying to update this TNX page. This was from way back off of I90:

And another trip to explore off of highway 2:

It's like the freaking African Sahara!

Sliders installed, before insane fab got a bad reputation:

Also, curious on peoples thoughts but given the same cost pricing for a Lokka or a winch, which would people choose? It seems like its the question of the chicken before the egg since the Lokka will get you over most obstacles, but further down the trail to get stuck. The winch will get you unstuck.

The way I see it, more weight over the front will require new springs as I'm already "maxed" with the ARB install. And I wouldn't likely use the winch that often whereas I'd use the Locker anytime I go out.

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I'd considered a Lokka in the front. Since it can't be turned it off other than going into 2wd it could have gotten me into a jam in snow. Spin both front wheels and have the front go down the slope or try it in 2wd, I didn't like either option.

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I'd considered a Lokka in the front. Since it can't be turned it off other than going into 2wd it could have gotten me into a jam in snow. Spin both front wheels and have the front go down the slope or try it in 2wd, I didn't like either option.
Yeah I'm worried about snow as well... But if I look at when I've used 4wd in snow going to the mountains, its actually quite small. Usually in the parking lots or snow wheeling and in side neighborhoods. I think the Lokka is still driveable in those conditions but obviously not on the freeway at speed.
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