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I have seen people build drawer systems for the X and I love the usability of the space it provides however it causes two major issues, one it makes it impossible to have a flat cargo space (causes a bit of a problem when I need to pick up material for my work) and two it blocks access to your storage under the cargo area where I store my jump box, tools, snatch block, etc. not something I want to do. I recently saw the Goose gear seat delete for a Chevy Colorado ZR2 and thought it would solve my problems but they didn't make one for the X and if they did it would be expensive as hell so I decided to build one myself. I started by taking a half inch sheet of birch plywood and cut it to 21x30. I used a piece of cardboard and cut it to conform to the wheel well hump then transferred it to the wood and cut it with a band saw. I laid a straight edge across my cargo area, held the plywood where it needed to be and measured the length to the floor and made two legs. I used staples two hold them temporarily into place to measure the two back legs and repeat. when I was happy with the fit I pulled it out and used wood glue and brads to make it permanent. I used spare wood to create supports for the legs and one center support down the center, once again held together with wood glue and brads. I made it look better with a can of matte grey paint and some thick mat that was laying around our shop then added a tie down to the front of it so I could secure a fridge or cargo. it fits tightly enough that it doesn't need to be secured to the car but if you wanted to you could always use the seat bolts. this gives me plenty of room to store my recovery bag, sandals, inverter, charger, tie downs, and much more where my seat was and it keeps the seat from getting damaged. If I ever need to put the seat in it is five bolts and ten minutes. let me know if I can clarify on anything, this was a fast write up because I know I will forget if I try and do it later.

1/2" 2'x4' sheet of plywood
length of 1"x2" wood
Wood glue

Brad gun
staple gun
wood glue
rubber mat
contact cement.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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