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Myself and a few other rigs are going to be running Dishpan Springs. Anyone who is interested may join in.

I have the GPS route plotted, available to e-mail to anyone interested.

Charles Wells describes this trail, in Guide to California Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails, as follows:

"DIFFICULT. Large boulders and steep rocky climbs. Crossing Deep Creek is no longer as difficult as it once was since the forest service laid concrete on the bottom.

This trail is more commonly called The Deep Creek Trail. Although short, it's a great hardcore trail. A very popular area for ATVs and dirt bikes. Great Hiking and fishing in the area. Forest Adventure Pass required if you stop to recreate."


Mile 0 : N34 16 10.3 / W117 08 13.4
Mile 2.4: N34 15 53.4 / W117 06 58.0
Mile 3.5: N34 15 40.6 / W117 06 04.1
Mile 4.8: N34 15 38.7 / W117 05 01.1


FRS Channel 2/22
CB Channel 13

If you are interested in joining, or would like the GPS route, email me @:
[email protected]
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