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Direct OEM '10 Off Road Suspension

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Hi Gang,
Brand new member here, I haven't even picked up my '10 Off Road yet. The local Nissan Dealer presented it with stock BF Goodrich Rugged Trail A/T and stock Bilstein shocks as "Certified" but as is common practise here, they wait to sell it before they complete the work needed for it to pass inspection.
It took a bit of advocating for myself to convince the dealer that the shocks needed replacing. Now that I have that line item on my bill of sale, I am having to make my case that in selling an Xterra Off Road, which sports Bilstein shocks by specification, and which was equipped with Bilsteins on the lot, must replace them with Bilsteins.

The question I want to ask is: Are the Bilstein 4600 shocks the most accurate direct replacement for the Off Road? Was there a Nissan cross-branded shock they used?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Dude if I were the dealer I'd tell you to take a hike. I wouldn't sell to you at any price.
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