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Different idea for wheel and tire combo...

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So I got the bright idea, probably not an orginal but still, to buy some 17" pathfinder wheels, powder coat them black, or leave 'em silver, and buy some 265/70/17s in those really bad ass yokohama Geolander MT somthings. The problem is that is only like a 31.60" tire, and while I didnt want to go with a 33 I still wanted something that looked good with a 2.5" lift. So the idea mutated a bit what about some 275/70/17s....The problem is that yokos dont come in that size. One of my options are some Goodyear Wranger MT/Rs or something, the yokos look so much more badass, but the Goodyears give me the size...I dont know what to do...

The Goodyears are also way, way way cheaper, not nec. a good thing but for a budget, it is. Does anyone care to contribute?
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ive had the mt/rs on my old tacoma, and now have them for my 85 pickup and love them on the rocks. they are great on rocks. I dont hear of many people running the geolanders.
thats what i did, i found some pathfinder wheels (5 spoke) on craigs list for 70 bucks, i was too cheap to powdercoat them so i used some duplicolor wheel paint
As far as the tire size goes the 265/70-17 will look fine... i had Dunlop mud rover's in that size on my 03 Ram w/3" lift and it looked awesome.
I just put 265/70/17 BFG"s and was worried before i got them they would be too close to stock..Wouldnt fill the wheel well,etc etc... WOW!!!!! They are MUCH BIGGER than i thought they would be..After using the Tire calculator,I thought an extra 1" wouldnt be much..After comparing the stock with the new ones ,,,THey look HUGE>I actually thought they mailed the wrong size.!!. Totally different look and will post pictures as soon as my camera comes back from the keys.. I even had to Trim the plastic in the front (<Lift not on yet,this weekend!) I am glad i didnt do the 285"s ....these 265/70/17 sBFG A/T"sare quiet,STOMP the mudd,and feel awesome on the rode..
do the Pathfinder wheels stick out any more than the 05+ 16x7 X wheels?

I ask because I like the look of the Nissan OEM wheels better than the available aftermarket wheels but would prefer that the wheel/tire be a little closer to flush with fender.

Thanks in advance...
From looking the 7 spoke wheels that I am looking at it looks like they dont have much "dish" and it looks like they might be a cool fit, but I dont know till I see'em. I know the 5 spokers have a little more dish so....
when I spoke to my friend at Discount Tire today, he informed me that the Pathfinder wheel while 17" and .5" wider has the same offset as the Xterra therefore I don't think the positioning within the fender well would be noticable
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