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Desoto National Forest *56k no way*

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Heres some pics of the ride I went on this weekend. NismoGone and his dad (Mdawg) were there as well.
*Gettin' ready to go

*Driving through the park on our way to the trails

*Finally there!
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*The logs I got caught on

*The aftermath

I've got several small scratches but it'll buff... Im off work tomorrow so ill get some more pics after I clean em all up On the website shown on the first pics there is a video section. One of them has me getting the front wheels slightly off the ground going up a hill.
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Muzikman said:
WOW, that is some serious toe in. :)
I didn't even notice until you wrote that.
Damn that had to hurt in that last one. Did he have trail spares to get fixed or did he straighten the tie-rods?
He had a spare. One totally snapped in half and the other one bent so we managed to fix it enough to keep going and get it home. He has already ordered the SLR steering system. These were the AC 'heavy duty' tierods he broke.
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