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Delayed Acceleration on 2012 PRO-4X

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The actual issue:

When accelerating the engine will rev for about .75 seconds before the vehicle actually begins to move.

Full Story:
I'm loving my Nissan Xterra, but I've had some issue with accelerating. It all started about a month after I purchased the Xterra. I noticed that it would bog down on me when I try to over take a care. Turns out the radiator was running low on coolant. Filled it up and the issue went away.

In preparation for a road trip from FL to CO I had the transmission fluid replaced. Engine code came on during the road trip, we ended up burning lean for the second half.

We had a few coolant leaks, replaced a few hoses. Power steering pump was yelling at us so we replaced that. Cat 1 triggered from burning lean

However, now I am having issues with accelerating.


I checked the transmission fluid (sitting just slightly high) The issue is persisting in 4WD. Drivetrain feels solid. Any tips?
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What happens when you push the gas?

Does it rev slightly and then "catch" and the jerk into the forward gear, almost as if you were shifting into drive after revving it in neutral?

If so, that's usually a sign of low transmission fluid, and if thats reading where it should, then there is likely some other issue at hand.
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