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Year: 2012
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro 4X, Automatic Transmission
Color: Night Armor

Back Story:

Powertrain & Driveline:
AC Delco Intake Air Filter, Pleated Fiber. Air Filter Testing Study
Cheap Air Box Mod

Future Powertrain & Driveline Mods
Rear Diff Breather Extension
Add Air Stone "filter" to front Differential breather hose near air box
Add Air Stone "filter" and tubing to Transfer Case if possible
Bully Dog Programer
Magnaflow 10758 Stainless Steel 2.5" Exhaust Y-Pipe

Mounted Garman GPS near Rear view mirror
Ran 5 volt usb to Garman from a tap on the light circuit.
Mounted CB Radio in center console forward of the shift lever
Mounted Charging unit for flashlight on the Hump on passenger side
Installed OBD 2 blue tooth transmitter
Use "Torque" on an android tablet to monitor ECU outputs
temporary placement of 400 watt inverter

Future Electrical Mods
LED red lights mounted in foot wells and added to existing interior lights
Fuse block
Exterior "takedown LED lights
Additional Backup LED Lamp
Permanent Placement of 400 watt inverter

Tool Box
Misc Boxes
Use of the area under the passenger seats for storage

Future Interior Mods
Open rear hatch from inside the truck
Refrigerator 12 volt
Solar charge of the 12 volt battery
Deep cycle 12 volt battery
Net between rear seat back and ceiling
Shelf with drawers in cargo bay
Upper shelf in cargo bay

Removed mud flaps
Magnetic CB antenna
Plasti-Dip on Grill and Burger

Future Exterior Mods
Trail Gear Rock Rails 67 inch
Full skid plates Radiator to gas tank (DIY)
Flip Trailer hitch receiver assembly
Move Rear license plate, see above
Better rear recovery attachment points
Plasti Dip on on the plastic door protectors, shiny black.
Plasti Dip on hood, flat black

Suspension & Steering:

Future Suspension & Steering Mods
Front Two inch Lift via spacer
Rear 1.5 inch lift via shackles
Rear Add A Leaf to replace above shackles

Brakes, Tires & Wheels:
18 rims
285/70/18 Toyo MT's

Future Brakes, Tires & Wheels Mods
Not sure I want to stay with Toyo MT tires

Gear & Equipment
two pieces of vinyl covered chain link fence 4'11" x 20"
Recovery from mud and or sand​
Hi Jack
various hand tools
Military folding shovel
D ring recovery mount for 2 inch receiver
4 ton come a long
Tree saver
Tow straps one is adjustable
Fire extinguisher
Window cleaner and paper towels
Secondary First Aid Kit
Parachute cord of various lengths
tie down straps

Future Gear & Equipment Mods
Sure there is something, but it escapes me now

DIY and How To's that interest me or have been helpful:

Companies and Products I like and or use:

Too Noob for Boss Hogg at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

First picture of our X in an off roading environment

What I think our Xterra is

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That's pretty funny. I'm sure you would've made it if you hadn't have stopped halfway up. Turning on the locker might've helped after you stopped though.

34's without a lift? Cut much? Pics?
That was our first time at doing something that steep. when we do it again the tires will be aired down and we will have more momentum as we go up.

The tires are 33.4 inches. In my enthusiasm I misrepresented the tire size. That was all my mistake.

In fact I am looking to trade the rims and tires I have now for stock Pro4X rims and tires. Trade Listing 275/70R18 Toyo M/T's

My wife does not want me rock crawling until the truck is paid off and out of warranty.

The new focus for this build is OVERLANDING and CAMPING.
She wants to still get the rock rails, the skids and an ARB Bull Bumper.

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Do you have a how-to or link to how you tapped the USB off the light for your GPS? I would like to add a USB near the rear view to keep a Gopro charged and running.

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Do you have a how-to or link to how you tapped the USB off the light for your GPS? I would like to add a USB near the rear view to keep a Gopro charged and running.
I popped off the panel near the mirror that houses the blue tooth microphone. I tapped in to a + wire that was on when the key was turned on. The - line I tied to the frame.

I used a cigarette lighter socket with pig tails.

I then plugged the USB plug in to cig lighter socket and then just ran the wires from the USB plug as well hidden as I could.

Let me know if you need a better explanation.
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