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We started in Bishop CA for a Saturday drive end.
Checked the weather, inclement coming in on Monday and Tuesday.
Visited the Bishop distillery and sampled their finest malts.
Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant.

Sunday Dave met us in Big pine at the shell station for gas and last minutes stuff.
Turned onto 168 for a spell east then onto Death Valley road.
Took Death Valley road all the way to Eureka dunes turn and spent the night in Eureka dunes.
Dave and Pat took a hike to the dunes and Steve and I set up camp and cooked.
I cooked filet mignon and boiled potatoes with some red wind to wash it down with.

Next morning on Monday we took Dedeckera canyon into saline valley.
The road was clear from the rain storms of August.

Dedeckera canyon step had filled in with rock and gravel and silt.
The alluvial fan from steel pass to saline valley hot springs was a crazy zigzag of trail trying to find the trail in the wash.
Made it to Saline valley hot springs in the midst of a Haboob.
The Haboob lasted two days which some of us slept in our rigs to avoid the torrential sand and wind and dust.

We spent 4 days total at the saline valley hot springs and had two great days of soaking and dinners.
Dave took a crew out up the Alluvial fan we had come in on to do some trail maintenance.
Tuesday’s diner was tacos and fixings from Pats cooking
Wednesdays dinner was Dave’s famous fondue and Thursdays was Richards Molle(smokin hot!!!)
Friday we made our way through the south exit to the 190.
We stopped to admire the view at the top of Hunter Mountain and Dave managed to misplace his camera.
We made it down to boxcar cabin before he realized his camera was missing.

He drove back up the mountain and found it off the side of the road.
We then proceeded at night to another camp site at about 6k feet.
Windy and cold we made a quick camp and pat fed us some more of his great tacos.
burned up as much fire wood as we could.
I spent the night in my rig again because i was too tired and lazy to pitch another tent at night.

Saturday we all headed back to our respective homes.
Steve and I and Dave headed to the I-5 and PARTED company AT I-5 AND 46.
Steve and I then went to Paso Robles to taste wine and spend night in Paso.

Everyone reported in on making it home safely.

Pat has bragging rights since he did the whole trip in 2 wheel drive.

(broken front diff).

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Trail track can be found here.

set the date time range to
From: Nov 4, 2022 12:04 PM
To: Nov 13, 2022 12:04 PM

to see the weeks track
Map World Parallel Atlas Slope

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it can be cold, and windy (those sand dunes didn't appear overnight)
but last year it was balmy 80 during day and warm at night with no wind.
you just have to go in the right season....
with the right weather report.

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We have been doing these trips for about10-12 years,
We have an annual trip to the Black Rock desert in May,
another trip to Coral Hollow in June or July(weather,snow dependant),
and our annual trip to Death Valley/Saline/Eureka valley's In November(veterans week)

We will probably put a Baja trip on the calendar for December/January 2023/24
And one more Alaska trip(maybe 2 years out)

We have over the years amassed a group of about 20-30 people who camp with us periodically.
This includes... Geologist, Veterans, IT people, retirees,..etc.....
All have their ham technician qualification.
We always welcome new people, push them to get ham qual'd and always have a good time out doors.
Oh and some of us like single malt whiskey's

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The ham radio operators qualification allows you to transmit on 2 meter and 440 mhz frequencies.
2 meter communications carry better and farther than CB or FRS/GMRS radio frequencies do.
Clear communications make traveling together fun and enjoyable without the added stress of trying to determine what some one has said.

I found the wheat whiskey to be the least pleasant of the whiskies I tried there. the 2 malts were superior in flavor to me.
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