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Dash Mat

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hey has anyone ever seen a dash mat for the xterra?

a couple companies sell them but I've never seen one in a pic or in person and I don't want to spend money on something cheezy looking. does anyone have a pic? the only reason i'm getting one is because I'm doing tweets in the a-pillars and a dash mat makes an amazing difference in soundstage by reducing the reflections on the dash.

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I've got one on the way, it should be here tomorrow or beginning of next week. If you can hold off for a bit I'll get you a pic when it arrives.
hell yeah! please please please post pics. which one was it and from where?
dragonplayboy said:
hell yeah! please please please post pics. which one was it and from where? Signature Series

I've seen a few of these and I really like the look of the suede micro fiber mat. I have a brother in law that works as a parts manager for Cadillac and these are the only ones that they will order into the stealership.
Pics of the Dashmat

Here ya go 'Playboy. Just got in in today so its not attached to the dash yet, I'll have to wait until the weekend so I can heat up the garage.

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it all looks good except for that flap on the right side of the CD player surround... that would drive me bonkers. do you think the more expensive version they have is more one-piece-ish?

all in all it looks good though!

I wonder how hard it would be for me to just felt the pieces...
Ya that piece will be Velcroed down this weekend then it shouldn't be a problem any more. The mat should flatten out a bit more its only been out of the box for 30 mins or so.
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