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Username: DarkKnight369
Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Night Armor


2" Radflo Coilovers
2" Deaver AAL
Bilstein 5125 Shocks
Red Poly Front Sway Bar Bushings
PRG Front Sway Bar Endlinks
Hellwig EZ550 Helper Springs

p265/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors
"Night Armored" Wheels (Duplicolor Graphite Wheel Paint)

Performance Shizzle:
Volant CAI
Magnaflow 2 in 1 out Stainless Exhaust
BullyDog GT with Blendmount

Electrical Shizzle:
Diehard Platinum Group 35(no terminal modding) Battery

Hefty Front Bumper with Low Prerunner Loop
OR Engine and Transmission Skids

Installed beefier rear tie downs
Installed Evap Filter Kit
Shimmed the Driver's seat.
Removed Step Rails
Removed Rear Mud Flaps
Removed Rear Sway Bar
Mag Light Mounted on Driver Side Door
Xterra Rubber Floor mats
Added Bug/Rock deflector
Added stickers for additional horsepower gain
Added 2009 4x4 badge
Added IPass (Illinois tollway Pass)
Added Working Parking Deck Pass
Added Bradley University Alumni License Plate Frame in Rear
Baseball Bat in the back seat

HeftyFabworks Front Bumper - Single Pre-Runner hoop and Eagle Eye Fogs
New U-Joints
Possibly New Rear Diff Cover
Some form of 6" driving lights for the Hefty


After the new tires when I first joined in December 2008:

Mag Lite Mounted:

Updated with Quickfists:

Volant Installed:

After my 2" PRG lift and wheel painting:

I am possibly the tallest Xterra Driver known to man:

July 11 2009:

Shimmed the driver's seat in late August/09 to give more support under my legs....

Used longer 10.9 metric bolts with some nuts for the shimming....

This made the most sense at the time to shim the seat at this location. Its the brackets that connect the seat to the adjustable front lift controls. However, I am damn near 300lbs and I think my weight may have bent these brackets a tad. It can't go anywhere else without cracking the bolts at this point, but it might be even lower than stock if I ever decide to return it to the original.

Installed Bullydog Blendmount...

Better, Beefier rear tie downs painted:

4/16/11 - Hood Rod Mount

6/29/11 - Hefty Front w/ Prerunner Loop installed!!!

And like what every guy hopes for after getting a massage, here is a happy ending:

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The X is Looking Good. Any additional mods planned in the near future? One question, you ever thought about turning the tires to Black lettering out. That way, you can go for a total blacked-out look.

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I like the white letters out personally.

No mods really planned right now, other than putting in axle shims to try and cure my drive shaft vibrations. I have a few mods in mind for the near future though. I would love additional lighting. I was thinking of doing some fogs in the bumper mouth with the Xoskel bracket. I can see that being really useful when I visit my inlaws because they live in a dark and forest filled sub division and they have 80 deer per square mile. I would love to do roof lights too, but just wiring the bumper mouth ones is intimidating.

I also think a new exhaust would be very useful and help with gas mileage. Mods like that I have an easy time justifying the money. On the other hand, I have been looking into GPS units. I have a few weddings and trips in the fall where a GPS would really be useful. After using a Garmin on a road trip over memorial day weekend, and was hooked on their usefulness.

All that aside though, sliders seem really important to me, but I am not sure which sliders to get and if I can justify $300-$400 on something like that any time soon.

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I think there is another guy close to my height, if not the same size with a first gen X over at Club Xterra.
I couldn't fit in the First Gen because it didn't have enough head room for me and I'm only 6'1". I just barely have enough in my Gen 2, you must be scraping the header with your noggin'!

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Sweet ride, it looks great

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Man you are a monster. I want to see a picture of you in the driver seat. Sliders are an easy build if you do not want to invest the $300 if you know someone with a welder. I plan on making a set my self, I have to take the mods slow to keep my wife from getting nervous and the bank account in the black. I will probably do it this winter. Nice looking truck man.
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