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Username: DanNJ2FL

Year: 2009
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Silver Lightning

Location: Miami, FL
Ease of use for kayaking/scuba trips
Scaring all my rich neighbors with there supercars and Rovers

[stock - RF, bluetooth]

IMAG2200 by grovegod, on Flickr
IMAG2213 by grovegod, on Flickr
The DUMBEST location for keypad ever - FTW!
Custom painted tool box to match truck w/stickers
Artillery case (pre-nato) w/matching stickers
Strapped in fins/snorkel and spotlight at all times
Stickers / Emblems Removed
UAV - custom emblems (Urban Assault Vehicle)
Gobi Ladder
Da Kine XL rack pads (they fit our crossbars)
Monster Rola roof basket with extension
Crossbars with Outrigger
Cargo net Hack
Digital Camouflage wrap - Currently valances and mats, waiting on new batch for hood/light covers.
Custom made grills, removed honeycomb w/sawzaw
Xoskel ProLight cage
4 Black Rugged Ridge 6" lights - What color should I paint covers? camo?
Custom made digi camo floor mats ($10.00)
Hitch and Truck Pon Installed
Bully Dog Tuner
Raingler full interior ceiling net
Hep's Molle Window

Plan to Mod:
::evil Mr. Burns laugh::


Option 1: Flickr of all UAV photos
Option 2: Click mod to see the pic
Option 3: Some pics below

IMAG0222 by grovegod, on Flick

-Scuba Diving Atocha wreck at KFCC Lagoon

IMAG0115 by grovegod, on Flickr

-Pirated island behind truck

IMAG0059 by grovegod, on Flick

-Nice A$$

IMAG0074 by grovegod, on Flickr

IMAG0072 by grovegod, on Flickr

-Dumbest Keypad location ever! (love it):scratch:

IMAG0120 by grovegod, on Flickr


IMAG0048 by grovegod, on Flickr

-Truck's built in wetsuit dryer between dives:

IMAG0124 by grovegod, on Flickr

-PreXoskel - Digi Camo Wrapping, Not sure if doing hood or not (VIGG style)

IMAG0013 by grovegod, on Flickr

-Mats: Before - After:

IMAG0020 by grovegod, on Flickr

IMAG0018 by grovegod, on Flickr

-My seats are soaked w/salt water 365:

IMAG0122 by grovegod, on Flickr

-Rear Diff Mod (done with SurferX)

IMAG0891 by grovegod, on Flickr
GOPR1594 by grovegod, on FlickrThanks for looking!

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intersting location for the keypad...haha...definitely different :)
i really like the mesh you did on the grill....that seems to be a mod that is picking up around here.....Im thinking of doing something similar!

EDIT: My bad...forgot to mention that you have a nice ride and Im jelous of the nice palm trees/beach shots!!

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nice ride! curious to see the camo hood vinyl
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