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CThoreal's D.D. Adventure Rig (Now TS'd)

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Intro Comments: Well I figured it was high time I made a build page for my X. I've gotten quite a bit done in a years time, and naturally got some things to go back and re-do.

My original plans for this rig was a mild overlander / general adventure rig with 2" lift with a bumper and some other functional mods. I daily drive my X and do all repairs and work myself. Not having the luxury of long down time and doing upgrades bit by bit has altered the process a little. All in all I love my X more than any other vehicle I've had. The mileage is a little high but its been incredibly reliable so far. I'll keep it running long as I possibly can.

Nickname: Goblin? Money Pit? The Other Woman? Nothing has stuck yet.

Username: CThoreal

Make: Nissan
Year: 2011
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4 6MT
Color: Metallic Green


Red = in progress

-Titan swap MKII's w/ 650# Springs
-SPC Titan UCAs
-PRG Braided extended brake lines
-PRG bump stops
-cam bolts
-PRG LCA spacers
-Mevotech Titan LCAs

-Ironman HD leaf springs w/ovld, #3 removed
-PRG Adj. Shackles
-Timbren SES bump stops
-Brake line extension mod
-Bilstein 5160s
-diff breather mod
-Spidertrax 1.5" wheel spacers

-Air box mod
-IMS spacer
-Magnaflo 12580 muffler 2in/1out
-deleted y-pipe
-Bullydog tuner

-Hardcore Offroad winch bumper & Rad Ski
-Hardcore Offroad rear bumper
-BTF Diff. Cover
-Hardcore Offroad sliders

-Aftermarket heated seats
-Wet Okole seat covers
-Weather Tech digifit mats
-Android double din head unit
-8" 600watt under seat sub
-Rockford Fosgate 3 way speakers all around
-rear hatch inside latch access mod
-Leather wheel wrap
-LoMo2 interior roof rack

-Blue Seas 12 position fuse box under dash
-Dual USB ports
-Console mounted rocker switches.
-In bumper 3.5" 18w amber LED pods
-flush mounted 18w LED pods in rear bumper
-Auxbeam 7" 90w spot/flood combo LED lights. w/ clear and amber lenses

Current Projects:
-custom integrated receiver/tire mount Integrated Hitch / Tire Carrier Idea
-Aluminum skid plates

  • Stock S 5-spoke wheels (bedlined black)
  • 295/75r16 Cooper AT3 XLTs
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

Day 1


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You have a beautiful rear end.
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When I swapped my leaf packs, I discovered my rear Radflos to be clunking internally with a dead spot and low on pressure by 100psi. I could always feel a clunk but assumed it was the spherical bearings and was planning to replace them. Once I realized the clunk is internal (on both) I first recharged them to the recommended pressure, and they locked up. So something is likely gone inside both. I'll be sending them in for a rebuild.

In the meantime I snagged some Bilstein 5160's from Nisstech, which they had in stock(at my door in 2 days). Always wanted to try these out so its a good opportunity in disguise. Once i get my rads back, assuming the clunk is gone, I will decide which I like better and sell the others.

So far 5160s seem solid. Id say they're a bit lighter on the valving vs the rads. In repeat hits or heavy washboard the rads seemed to stay a bit more composed, until they heat up. Where while softer, the 5160s havent heated up yet and are staying more consistent. Expected with the resi's but still nice to notice. The 5160s give me about an inch more stroke for up travel which actually fits my lift a tad better. I was able to remove my bump stop spacer.
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Was getting tired of having the entire side of the car and windows, mirros coated in mud from even a driveway. I came across Husky Long John mud flaps, and figured worth a shot.

Link to Post in Long John thread - Long Johns on the X
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