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5119 Views 17 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Jerseyparts is having a 20% off sale on a lot of Xterra accessories, even the bike racks.
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Y/W Jimbo. Congrats on your new tent. Glad you are enjoying your X. The X is fantastic for sporting. I really love having the integrated roof rack.

I was thinking about getting the 20% off interior bicycle rack but think I will save even more and build my own. I made a quick one a couple of months ago but have a new design idea that should be much better.
Sorry to hear that Clamper, hope your order and ass will be ok

I ordered from them a couple of months ago with no problems. I did notice that you can't combine online orders for new generation X items with items from the older X; they consider new X and old X as seperate stores for some silly reason. Since I had both types of items, I just called them on the phone and they combined the order for me so I could save on shipping.

I also placed an order with them yesterday and they shipped it later that same day - not bad.

I must say though that I have had a lot of bad luck with internet vendors in general. Is always a PITA to have to send stuff back and get screwed on the shipping costs. Sad to say that there is an incredible amount of incompetence out there
That bites about your timing kit from Courtesy. If you haven't yet you should certainly lodge a complaint. Would be interesting to hear their explanation. Is pretty serious if they are selling essentially counterfeit parts as genuine Nissan.

My order arrived today (wheel fork for bicycle carrier, in-cabin micro filter, oil plug crush washers). They screwed up the quantities. Whenever I order anything from anyone I'm shocked if something doesn't get f***ed up. The fork and filters are supposed to be genuine Nissan parts - hope they are. Not sure about the crush washers.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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