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cool news for 2wd's

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I just got off the phone checking an order with Greg at PRG and found out some pretty interesting stuff.

For those with 4x2's that want lift, clearance and travel; the CST 4" lift spindle for the Titan is a direct bolt-on. You would have to swap in a Titan hub and brake caliper which could be found on a wreck cheap or swap in the Stillen big-brake kit for even better performance.
This set-up with the TC UCA's and Radflo C/O's will give about 6" of lift and a couple more inches travel. This also gives you the Titan bolt pattern for a lot more wheel choices.
For the rear you can run the Deaver's with a shackle to level it out and an adapter for the wheels OR... swap in the Titan rear axle and move/weld the shock mounts 3" inward.

I know most here have 4x's but this is a great, functional set-up for us that want to hit the dunes, beaches, fire roads and desert trails or those (dare I say) mall crawlers that just want to be jacked-up.

Basically you can set-up the 4x2 with 5-7" of lift for only a few grand. :hello1:
I'm only going with the 3" now but it's cool to know it's an option... hope you guys think the same.
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when are they gunna come out with flares for the X like on that red fronty shown...... those would be sweet ony pony's ride
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