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cool news for 2wd's

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I just got off the phone checking an order with Greg at PRG and found out some pretty interesting stuff.

For those with 4x2's that want lift, clearance and travel; the CST 4" lift spindle for the Titan is a direct bolt-on. You would have to swap in a Titan hub and brake caliper which could be found on a wreck cheap or swap in the Stillen big-brake kit for even better performance.
This set-up with the TC UCA's and Radflo C/O's will give about 6" of lift and a couple more inches travel. This also gives you the Titan bolt pattern for a lot more wheel choices.
For the rear you can run the Deaver's with a shackle to level it out and an adapter for the wheels OR... swap in the Titan rear axle and move/weld the shock mounts 3" inward.

I know most here have 4x's but this is a great, functional set-up for us that want to hit the dunes, beaches, fire roads and desert trails or those (dare I say) mall crawlers that just want to be jacked-up.

Basically you can set-up the 4x2 with 5-7" of lift for only a few grand. :hello1:
I'm only going with the 3" now but it's cool to know it's an option... hope you guys think the same.
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yup, that's pretty much it... Greg mentioned that about the Titan LCA's as well.
You can just take the entire 2wd Titan susp and throw it under the 2wd X and gain wider track width and have any aftermarket Titan option available to you.
highly unlikely... unless someone pulls their fenders and sends'em out to Hanneman or one of those shops to make a one-off set... not gonna be me! Although they only run around $400-600 bucks for the pair, hmmm!
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