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Hi Guys I just want to take this time to Thank you all for your support with the site, it is because of you guys that I am writing this Messag,e I have a New Position with the Company, it is my job to set these websites for our entire organization, so that means I will not have the tiem to check back with you guys as much as I used too.
Now I hope a Mod can put this as a sticky.

If you need to ask a question or have a problem or just want to say Hi, I would advise you guys to send me an Email at:
[email protected]

This is my work email and I will be able to respond much quicker and with more accurate information right from my office.
I hope anyone who has left me PM's understands that I have been very busy lately and I might not have answered you back in a timely manner, for that I am sorry, But I promise to deliver a response with this new email option.

or you can call us at 1-866-782-6255

Thank you guys so much, and if you need anything , please feel free to contact me there..

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Brian, I believe you can make your post a sticky!
Congrats on your new position. Been trying to plug your site every chance I get.
Updated this post with our New Toll Free Phone Number!!

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