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Coil Spring Compressors?

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After having received the PRG Coilovers and talking a bit with Greg, I was considering adjusting the height of them slightly. I did a bit of searching without too much luck, and was wondering if anyone has any reviews (positive or negative) on which Spring Compressors to use?
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Don't the coilovers come with an adjustment wrench?

It should look similar to this.
I thought I saw someplace though that the ones from PRG had the wrench. I would be wrong and thinking about some coilovers I have been looking at for the Jeep.
Well, it might be easier as you won't have the resistance of the spring, but I don't think it should be needed. You would also have to compress and release the compressor a number of times to adjust and equal out the ride height.
lifeinthesouth said:
Shouldn't this be in "Suspension, tire & wheel"?
Good point! ;)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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