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Those of you who are changing spark plugs may want to watch for misalignment between the coil and the protector (part # 22465-8J115) that connects it to the plug. The following is a link to the protector:

I think the cause of the P0300 "Multi-cylinder misfire" SES code I got after I initially changed my spark plugs was caused by misalignment between the coil and the protector.

When I removed the coils, the trumpet shaped rubber boot of the protector would come off and stay plugged on the coil. When I plugged the coils back onto the protectors, I think I got some of them misaligned, leading to a bad electrical connection between the coil output terminal and the "Spring coil" (part # 22468-8J115) and misfires on those cylinders. I was asking about how to solve these misfires in the following thread:

Due to the misfires and flashing SES light, I replaced the plugs a second time. It was then that I noticed a misalignment between some of the coils and their associated protectors (see link below).

Pulling the coil off the protector and looking into the bottom end of the rubber boot that goes onto the protector, I found that pushing the coil onto the protector while misaligned had cut the inner part of the rubber boot (see link below).

When pushing the coil onto the protector, with the rubber boot on the protector as shown in the Courtesy Parts link, never seems to lead to the misalignment problem.

With the second set of plugs installed, AND the coils connected properly, the SES and misfiring finally went away.
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