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Hey guys I did a search and didn't come up with anything. I have a bit of a problem that I'm hoping to get some ideas on.

I have about 20k on my 06 manual trans. Over the last couple months I have had a bit of a problem that is either the clutch or the engine.

The x doesn't seem to have the same amount of power and it doesn't have the same "chugging" that it had when I used to let out the clutch too fast from 1st to 2nd. I seem to have to rev higher to get started.

Has anyone else gotten this? I don't know what I'm looking at here. The fact that it seems to have less power makes me think its an engine problem. Any engine problem should be covered by the dealer (more to come).

On the other hand I think that it may be the clutch. I know there are several reasons that the clutch could have gone bad some my fault (I pay) and some Nissan (Warranty coverage) but I have some hesitation asking Nissan to pull apart the trans only for it to be a burnt clutch and I get charged for the break down and assembly. To add to that I don't want it to all come apart then not have an after market option, only the weak oem.

About the dealer. I first went to the dealership when i have a loud moan from the engine compartment when it rained and a clicking noise.
Turns out it was the belt and tensioner. They call me up and tell me they want to do $500 worth the "service" which was the 15,000 mile tune up and a fuel system clean and some other hocus pocus. I politely declined and picked up the x after work. I look at the invoice. It says that they replaced the belt and tensioner (which got rid of both noises) but also wrote that "this vehicle is not properly maintained" which is ofcourse not true.

I do all the maintenance myself and called over to the dealership the next day. After being talked to like a 4 year old about why the plenum needed to be cleaned (give me a break, at 15,000 miles? for $150 did you use a fiber optic scope to see that because you didn't have time to tear apart the manifold? are you just guessing?) He tells me i didn't have a proper oil filter on there and it may have caused oil starvation (It was a fram for the x) and they have to cover themselves if theres damage. He then tells me he doesn't have time to be going over this stuff with me. I asked to be transfered to his manager and left a message.

I was furious. I called corporate. They opened a ticket and never called me back. the service dept guy's manager calls me back and tells me a whole bunch of stuff about oil filters and remanufactured oil, the whole bit. I tell him I agree and thats why i use Mobil 1 full synthetic and a fram filter. After stumbling over a couple words he restates that the guy that looked at my x is a good mechanic that he has been there a while. He trusts his diagnosis. he then consents that it may have been better to write customer is using an after market filter instead of this vehicle is not properly maintained. He refused to change it saying that it can be changed once its submitted.

So thats my story. I have some sort of issue but im afraid if its the engine they'll blame my oil filter (yes it is illegal to require a nissan filter for warranty under federal law so i saved the filter) or my second fear is they will take apart the trans and if its clutch wear, my fault, im going to get hit with a ridiculous bill (i think i remember one of you saying its $1500) for a low quality clutch.

One more thing. Theres a zerk fitting on the operating cylinder. How much grease gets squeezed in? Bushings are easy, squeeze to they ooz (most times) but i don't know about this one. I was under the x Saturday and i could push the clutch out and further in than the "normal resting point"
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