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Hi all. First started discussion but I thought I'd jump in. I've been hoping for a while now to convert my interior lights to red instead of orange. Not really sure where to start so started searching I couldn't find a size on the climate control bulbs. I assumed they were LED and my searching ended me up in a titan site changing to blue, but basically it was unsoldering and resoldering new LEDs on.
So I started with the CC lights bc my top bezel comes off easily and I wanted to repair a crack there anyway before it broke off completely. When I open it up, I see the main lights look like small glass bulbs in a square base, se pic below. The bulbs dont simply come out, so I'm guessing it's a different thing I never saw, or I didn't pull hard enough, tho I did something bc now I lost the right side. That's fine, I plan on replacing them anyway. Bottom line, has anybody replaced these and any help on bulb types, numbers would be greatly appreciated.
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