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Hey Buds
anyone know of this place?
Euclid Auto WholeSale 4681 N. Ridge Rd. Rt. 20 Perry Ohio
looking at this 02 X on Ebay.
kind of unbelievable
Haven't CarFaxed it yet though.
Still looking for an affordable 4x4 yellow 2nd Xterra
Can't find any yellow ones in FL.
Would have to fly up though.
That's kind of my plan.LOL.
Buy a truck somewhere & have to fly somewhere for it & get me a 4 wheelin' return trip sans the wife & kids too!
Any help would be appreciated 200...ry Z6403QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

on line
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I understand ebay...I sell dozens of junk on there every year.
I didn't see the salvage title.
the unbelieveable thing is mileage.
I think I'll carfax it & see the details.
I'm not really big on buying out of town X.
Looking for a mechanic or stealership to possibly look at it for me.
I am desperately looking for a yellow X
Although I did find a red 05 4x4 for 12000 with 46000.

my question was if anyone in that area ever dealt with them.Or do you drive by there to look at for me.
I'd even Paypal someone for gas to look at if they are close.
anyway desperate to get a 2nd X.
thanks guys!
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