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CJD Racing Full Heim Steering

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Bought then but never installed them. Brand new.

$150 including shipping.

I also have UCA's and Radflos available, those are used. Taken off before trading the X in.

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Sorry guys just saw these replys.

They are not titan length, they are stock X length.

Radflos are the extended length, should probably be rebuilt.

The UCA's are PRG. I swapped all the bearings out before installing them.

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Interested in the radflos/ucas as well. Are the radflos set up with springs, if so what spring rate?
They do have eibach springs, 600 lb. You will probably want to rebuild the radflos, i just never got to it.

I did replace all the bearings on the ucas before installing them. Guessing they have 25k miles on them since the rebuild.

If you are interested send me a message.

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I'm interested but what does this upgrade on the X?
These will replace your inner and outer tie rods. Will help tighten up the steering.

CJD has some more info on their website.

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