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Material List For My Titan Swap: All Parts are NEW!!!!!

1. Titan M205 (stock) VIA RuggedRocks :)
2. Titan CV Halfshafts x2
3. Titan Upper control arms x2 - right and left (PRG)
4. Titan Stock replacement Lower control arms (Dirt King LCA's )
5. (12) M205 Halfshaft Flange bolts (Part# 39606-17V0A)
6. (3) 19mm Diff/Frame Bolts (Part #: 54726-7S000) (to replace the old not reuse the old ones.)
6a (2)You will need nuts for two of these. (Part #: 08918-3442A) the third one uses a nut that is welded into the frame itself
7. (8) 14mm new front DS bolts (Part #: 37120-4P00A) /nuts (Part #: 37171-7S00A)
8. (2) 32mm halfaxle/hub nuts (Part #: 40262-A60001)
9. (2) M205 flange seals (Part#: 38542N)(optional)
10. (1) Set S.A.W. ext rez 2.5 Racerunner coilovers with BADASSERY written all over it!!!) (PRG)
11. (3) quarts of 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil (if you are swapping in an M205)
12. (3) quarts of 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil (if you are swapping in an M226)
13. (2) PRG tie rod extensions (PRG)
14. (1) M226 Rear differential (Stock) Operation D44/M226 Completed
15. (1) ARB onboard air compressor
16. (1) ARB air locker for M226 Differential
17. (1) Set 4:10 Superior Ring and pinion Gears for front and rear differentials
18. 2” rear Wheel spacers
19. (1) front yolk ( connects M205 to drive shaft)
19a. (1) rear yolk (connects drive shaft to rear diff)
20. (2) CAM Bolts for LCA’s
21. (1) Shrock rear diff cover for M226
22. (1) set Extended brake lines (PRG) front and rear
23. 2 " A/C Body Lift
24. ABS sensors for M226
25. (2) Radflo 2.0" Non-Coil Shock w/ Remote Reservoir
26. (2) bump cans
27. (2) Limit straps

backup parts: Titan Lower Control Arms x2 - right and left (stock)
not used: A/C diff skid did not fit due to contact with Fuel tank skid

So some post debrief stuff.

Rooks list of parts as a starting point was AWESOME.

Special thanks to all members of Operation D44/M226

Special thanks to Jeff Arabia of Arabias Overkill
He mentioned that all parts ordered bolted in and fit with exceptions noted below.

I hope to have my rig and trailer on display for 2013 4wheelparts expo at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. maybe we can get our group shot(Meet and greet) with Miss MagnaFlow in front of my rig :)

The A/C diff skid does not fit the M226. (hits the Fuel tank skid and does not fit the contours of the M226 and looks to be shoddy workmanship)....(I'll be talking to A/C and let you know how that turns out. :)

The Shrock Diff cover I ordered did not fit when it came time to mount it. A few phone calls to Mark at Shrock got another one overnighted to Arabias and was made a couple of sixteenth deeper. Kudos to Shrock for doing this.

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In this picture, what is the little piece or metal you have welded between the frame and coil bucket with the hole drilled in it? Right to the right of the res mounts.

Also, this build is awesome dude, nice job putting it all together!

This is a gusset to support the links that anchor my bumper(upper area)

the ones from Calmini were not lining up with the 2"BL. So Jeff made those.


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So did you "win" all this Chris? ;)
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This is what happens when you meekly accept your wife telling you.................

WIFE: "you are not going to Moab this year"

ME: "Yes honey" ( whimpers to the computer room)

ME: (Dials Phone) "Hello Greg I need a Titan swap kit"

GREG: " Whats your timeline?"

ME: "about one year, In time for GONEMoab12" :):)

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whens the mod day?

No kidding. I'm not much of a mechanic necessarily, but I can stand around, drink beer, and take pictures with the best of them.


Your rig is going to look incredible.
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