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Check out our newest member's ride.

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34.6 mph??? :cyclopsani:

When you reset the trip computer, the first mpg reading is higher than what it really is, but that high?
I really like his wheels and the tail lights. Pretty trick. Wonder where he got the tail lights. Gotta find out who carries the wheels.
Found the wheels. They are Milano 727B's
wow. lost of work on it,looks great I like it but I don't think i would like any of those mods on mine, I like my Nissan and Xterra Emblems
I want to know what those Nismo rotors/calipers are. We might be able to get those in order to fit steelies on there. Depending on cost, I would invest in new brakes if it let me run more wheels.
That is some nice work he's done there. Id really like to know how he pulled of 34 MPG
He kinda took the Utility out of suv but damn it does look good.
He even painted the roof bin and i'm guessing the nismo dual exhaust tips are just "tips" unless he modded an exhaust system from the Z or something.
Well this X is a all street X but it a DAMN good looking one thats for sure.
And to be honest most of us spend 99% of the time on the road anyway.
Only those lucky ones get to wheel all the time.
I sent him a pm about his ride and what not. Then I sent him another one letting him know that he was getting a lot of talk and questions so hopefully he'll come over and respond to them like the brake and rotors, exhaust, etc.

Hi guys. Lets see myxterra that the off roaders hate, lol. The exhaust is magnaflow, a single inlet dual outlet muffler with the tips. The rotors and calipers I got from these guys, great price oem replacement, check it out.

The MPG, lol I was just messin with you guys. However I do get over 20MPG 75% of the time (between 20 -24). The rest is never under 17MPG. When I first put the Volant on I noticed an increase. After the spacer, my readings seemed ridiculously high, but after a little while they calmed down with a little better MPG according to the computer. Can't say if the TBS helped, but it didn't hurt. I did the whole fill up and calculate distance and (gallons filled vs miles driven) got an average of 20.9MPG, that made me happy.

The wheels I did get from, the 727b style, which look nicer in person.

The brakes and wheels are local for me so pricing may be different.

I'm trying to do lots of other things to it and I really appreciate the interest, all the members seem very helpful and knowledgable. I will try and be as active as possible.

Why I don't off road: I am in the Army and play with hummers in the wild more than enough, lol. But I really love the Xterra's that are all tricked out for off road. Okay, don't laugh, my sister lives in Colorado and after my parents came out to visit me in California they liked my Xterra so much that they purchased a 2006 black off road for my

Thanks to Dan and the other members for the warm welcome.
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Welcome to the club. :wave: That's your real public one by the way. ;) Thanks for sharing that info with us.
Welcome to the club.............Not every one here off Roads............
Most of us spend 90% of the time on the road weather we like it or not.
You have one of the best looking X's Iv ever seen. Wonderful job.
Did you do most of this work yourself or have it done.
Regardless NICE X!!! You should be PROUD as Hell!
Hope to see your sis on the trails. Love the wheels! Nice to see another direction with the X.
welcome aboard and once again, great lookin X!
Hey bro, welcome to the thenewx. It's my second home. I'm definitely down with ur ride. I come from the world of Acuras and tricked out rice rockets so, my hats off to you. People will flip when they see what kind of sound system I throw in the X. I've got all my goodies from the Black Ac movin' into the new X. Can't wait. Welcome again.
Welcome! Awesome job! I've seen some 2wd X's with just wheels and tires and they just don't look right. Your's is super clean. What part of LA are you from? Hope to see your ride around town.
Offroad said:
34.6 mph??? :cyclopsani:

When you reset the trip computer, the first mpg reading is higher than what it really is, but that high?
LOL! Made your eyes go, WTF!! I have had readings past 45 MPG when it first resets, then I have to watch it fall all the way down to like 22MPG.
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