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CHEAP source for factory parts!

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Check it out! This is for an '06 but you can link over to the '05 catalog as well.
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the link isnt working for me
Link seems to be having issues.
Go to and search from there. There is no mechanical catalog for the 06's yet but most everything is in the collision catalog...
Ok, easiest way is to link to 'catalogs' at the top of the page and then search in the 'Body Parts' section.

And they are cheap! Factory serpentine belt goes for $8.23!!
looks like this could potentially be a cool place to find little mods and upgrades!!!! Nice find!
$8.23 is more then you would pay at turnerville nissan with the new X discount.
Shoot, you can even buy from them things like complete frames, engines, transmissions, etc!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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