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Comments: Bought from Ohio, drove to GA, caught the mod bug... hard, getting her ready for college at the University of Utah and moab. Now its T- Swapped and has way to much money into it lol, thanks for all the help and how to's guys :) Xterra IG: chase.xterra

Special thanks to Joel or Titerra for the front bumper and sliders and service to this country, the rig will live on the "Official Four-Wheeled Hellcat From Planet Kickass" legacy

Username: Chase5Hart

Make: Nissan
Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Trim: S T-Swap
Color: Avalanche White


Airflow Snorkel
Panamera Retro fit and HID's
DIY Roof rack
painted side molding
painted grille
315/75/16 Duratracs
Deleted mud flaps and side steps
40" Light bar up top
24" Light bar on the bumper
Backup cubes in the rear corners
Firestik 3' antenna
Custom cb mount
2" wheel spacers on rear

SPC titan UCA
Radflo 2.5 RR
Titan LCA
Titan Tie Rods
Nisstec Break Lines
PRG Cam bolts
Rough Country shackle
Radflo 2.0 Rear shocks
General spring HD pack
PRG U bolts
Rear sway bar removed
Front sway bar removed
2" BL

M226 w/elocker
RR 4.56 gears
AFE High Tuck Exhaust

Shrock Front Bumper with Pre-runner
Maxterra rear bumper w/ tire carrier & Hi-Lift
Shrock slider non-BL
Offroad Gorilla M226 diff skid
Shrock engine skid
NxRocks T-Case, Transmission, and Gas Skid
Nisstec U Bolt flip kit
Nisstec Shock skids

ZTheKing LED lights
Midland CB Radio
Pioneer AVH 4000nex
Back-up Camera
Sub in custom box with amp
DIY shelf/sleeping platform
Xterra rubber floor mats
Rear Window Molle Pannel
Fire extinguisher on molle

Rugged Ridge 9,500lbs Winch
Tepui Tent
Rear diff breather
Surf's Rear hatch inside open
tools and recovery straps
Trailer hitch
med kit
Tepui ayer sky




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So I fixed up the front suspension and threw on the winch a while ago, Night and day difference, love the 700lb rads, they performed great offload before we had to cut the trip short since my buddy blew the rear end on his 4 runner

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Update: Moog OEM replacement LCA are in, SPC's are in, 2 Diablo blades picked up, Oil and filter also picked up, winch is shipping monday, and Radflo should be here monday as well as complementary cam bolts
Update: cam bolts are here still waiting on rads
Update 2: Winch is in, still waiting on rads

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Just a little update, ill work on switching the epics off photo bucket. Also ordered a tepui ayer off REI with store pickup to eliminate shipping and then got $92.50 in store dividends and a $20 member gift card, it should ship in a few days. Also ordered a trasharoo and other overloading gear as well as more tools for the rig oh and signed up for my first WENT!!! now the downside of the news, got a speeding ticket on my way to the gym and its gonna run me 550 bc I'm under 21 and u have to go to court in GA and pay reinstatement fees and for the DD class on top of the ticket. So unfortunately I had to pass on the snork and some skids I had been saving my summer job money for :(.

* also still have the RC front spacer and monroe quick strut assembly for sale and ill let if go pretty cheap bc this ticket is quite a burden

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Wow that is such BS. $550 for all that BS which is gonna change absolutely nothing. What a waste of time and money. You sure there is no way you can get out of it?
Well I plan on asking for a point reduction so maybe it won't suspend the license (I have court on monday) which would save the $200 reinstatement fee, but other than than no, I went to measure the steepness grade for a speed trap and its just shy and the limit changed .2 miles back rather than .1 but yeah it was basically a trap and I should have been paying more attention but yeah its excessive

But I have a job and school to drive to so maybe the judge will be chill but the google reviews say that a reduction is slim to none in this small town (happened at my family lake cabin)

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So update on the ticket, the judge was very accommodating and they rest of the people at court had much larger offenses. Got off 220 and a class so I've hopped on the snork train and its backordered, and plan on retrofitting my headlights with a buddy from school.
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