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Chaged my tail light mod

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When i put my 3157 LED's in my tails I realized the possibilities of having the top light be on as a running light along with the bottom light. Gots me thinking. The top socket is a 3156 socket and only 2 wires, one for the ground and one for the turn signal. I would've liked to have a double turn/stop light setup but since it's an import they need separate bulbs.

Stock, Blah!

SO, went to the junk yard late and was unable to search and since they didn't have any 05+ X's I decided to go new at an auto supply. I've since learned I didn't really need a Nissan socket, just a 3157 bulb socket. So $25 later I had a pair of these which fit Chevys. New one on the left.

They are 3 tab so some mods are needed to one of the tab holes in the tail. Even a Nissan 3157 or the bottom socket would need some modding as they are not interchangeable with the 3156 top socket.

Just needed a small cut for one tab

And do some rewiring. The new or third wire gets connected to the bottom running light wire, the green w/white stripe on each side. Solder and tape and walla

With 4 ways on. Not a real good shot. A video would be better.

The turn signal isn't as quite pronounced as it was all by itself but with it sharing the spot with the running light it'll work. Maybe a brighter LED? Mine are something like 20 LED's.

Night pics
brake and 4 ways on

Just the tails on

4 ways and running lights

If you're not happy with the look just snip the 3rd wire connected to the green/white running light wire on the bottom and you're back to stock
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Pretty cool! You'll have to post up a video!
I like.. nice work!
I've got the movie option on my camera but have no idea how to post a video.
Maybe my kid can show me. All those dam buttons.
I figered out how to Youtuber do it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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