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Intro Comments: Hey Everyone, I've been on the site for a few months now and have made a lot of progress on my X with the help from all of you throughout this forum. I'm starting this thread and will be working on it to get caught up with everything I have done to the X and add some pictures.

Feel free to offer up suggestions and comments!

Username: - cblaxx19

Xterra's Nickname: Working on it....

The Blue Kid on the Block

Make: Nissan
Year: 2015
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Metallic Blue

I will be transferring all of my mods from my current X to the new guy over the next couple of weeks. The transformation should be pretty drastic.

The Original
Make: Nissan
Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Night Armour

Intro Photo:


Plasti-dipped front Grille
GOBI Ladder
Brush Guard
Tail Light Guards
Raingler Roof Rack Handles
Vigg's Designs Vinyl Hood Blackout
Shrockworks Sliders
Insain Fab Rear Bumper w/Tire Carrier

40" LED Lightbar on roof(
Offroad Gorilla Devil Horns Light bar mount
HID Retrofit headlights with halos(TheRetrofitSource)
Totron 5" 3x3 LED Pods mounted on Brush Guard
Totron 3" 3x2 LED Pods in rear bumper(soon to be installed)
Tinted tail Lights

Suspension + Tires:
NissTec Ultimate Lift Kit
PRG Adjustable Shackles
Stealthed Wheels
Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs in 285/75/16

Pioneer Avic F90Bt Headunit
8" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer in Custom Sub Box
CoverKing Neoprene seatcovers
175 lb McMaster rear hatch struts
Gentex 313 Rear View Mirror with auto Dimming, Compass, Temp, and Homelink

General Comments: its hard to believe my first mod was only in September with the addition of the brush guard. I caught the mod bug hard...


After lift and shackles

With the new shoes on and good light bar pic

Blacked out Rims

Light Bar!

GOBI Ladder (Newest Addition)

Retrofit Projector headlights:

halos tied to blinker

Hood Blackout

Gentex Mirror

Light switches by OTRATTW


Headlights + Roof Bar

Headlights+ Roof Bar+Front Spot lights(might need to aim spots up a smidge)

New Insain Fab rear bumper with tire carrier

New Insain Fab Front Plate Bumper: I still have to cut the Wheel well liners

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Looking good!

I like the mudflaps also. Since my X is my wife's kid hauler, I'm not worried about them getting torn off. That side step on the other hand, has to go. :)

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Finally took the X out on its' maiden off road voyage! drove out to Corbitt Wildlife management area today and had a blast.

Still clean before embarking

First obstacle found...not brave enough for this yet...

after some trails and fun in the sand

Came across a large group of gators, had to be more than 20 right around us. people must feed them cause they all started towards us when we showed up

My buddy's FJ and my X

Most of what the trail looked like

Favorite Pic from today. the reflection of our trucks is awesome

The FJ got Stuck!!! Tried pullin' him out but he was in there good. Got pulled out by FWC(Florida Wildlife Commission) with a GIANT Buggy. That thing was awesome.

took a bunch of video too, just gotta spend some time getting the boring parts edited out. ill post when i have a good highlight clip ready.

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quick question! what shrouds do you have on your projectors? I am thinking about redoing mine and can't decide which way I want to go. Also, how well do they fit? can you post a close up pic?

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quick question! what shrouds do you have on your projectors? I am thinking about redoing mine and can't decide which way I want to go. Also, how well do they fit? can you post a close up pic?
i have the mini gatling gun shrouds from TRS. they fit pretty well. they do require a bit of trimming to sit in the housing properly.

here is a close up pic. sorry the lens is dirty and its a bit hard to see cause of how dark it is but i think it shows the fit of the shroud. i basically had to trim the top portion since the shroud was hitting the reflector. if you need any other pics let me know. i can try and clean up the housings a bit to take better pics.

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