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Hey Guys, Every year I help plan a car show on campus at the university I go to, I though some some of you might be interested in attending, or maybe making it a "mini-meet" for some local Xterra guys. It is a SHOW, not an offroad event or anything like that, so if you have a clean truck with some mods, feel free to enter, if not (like me) just come and hang out. We will have a dyno, that is $40 for 3 pulls, which is ridiculously cheap if you want to see what kind of power you are putting down.

Here are the specs:

Millersville University's "Show It Off" car show is coming up. It is a benefit event again this year. The total cost of entry will be divided evenly and donated to two charities: the Lancaster Milagro House and the American Diabetes Association.

The show is on Sunday 4/22/07. RAIN OR SHINE (we have a rain location)
Roll in: 10-12
Show: 12-4:30
Awards: 4:45

There will be live music, a DJ, and the backstreet performance 2wd dyno will be back again this year: $40 for 3 pulls. We will also have something called “the Playstation�, which is a bunch of playstations hooked up together with big screen lcd and plasma tv’s so you can play racing games against each other.

First and Second place trophies are awarded for each class. Classes and registration sheets can be found on the website.

Last year we had an awesome turnout of ~160 cars and donated over $1,500 to the American Cancer Society. Hopefully we can do the same this year.

Hope you guys can come out!

More Info at

PS- Sorry for the late notice, things are getting a little backed up this year, we are all read busy with other things.
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