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CANX: 6MT for AT Xterra

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I have an 05 OR in a 6spd. Future wife has no interest in learning to drive a stick. Looking for a trade for a AT. We will go by Edmunds and if there's any difference in price either way, we can make the difference via cash. Shouldn't be too much.

So, like I said I have an 05 Off Road in Silver Lightning. Has about 16k miles. Has some scratches on the bumper, but none on the body/paint. Has GPS that I would pull out unless the trader wants it. Minor visual mods. Has intake that I can swap back. Tinted windows. Mobil 1 every 5k.

Looking for an 05 or 06 AT in Silver Lightning, Night Armor, maybe Granite, maybe Black. If you have Canteen, even better. No tan interior. Charcoal only. Looking for under 20k miles.

Just seeing if there's any interest out there.
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dan galusha said:
You looking to trade OR for OR or does it matter??
No, just 6MT for AT. We'll let Edmunds or something similar determine the price differences.
Black looks awesome when it's clean. And black cars rarely remain clean.
js479 said:
How would warranty work? Would that trade too? I have a Granite 05 S AT. I didn't do my homework when I went to the dealer and I asked what the difference was between the S and OR and she told me it just had the VDC and Hill assist. Never mentioned rear e-locker or differnt gearing or anything. Anyways, like I said, I should have done my homework. I might be interest in trading for an OR. Just need more details on things like warranty, bank note, things of that nature. How would it work?

Edit: It only has 11k miles.
Do you have the extended warranty? If not, then the warranty is still the same - 3 yrs / 30k miles. Does your X have VDC? What was your build date?

As for the bank note, that I don't know. I would think you would need to get another loan, and pay off the original loan. I don't think it would be worthwhile for you.
yobuck said:
I have an 05 SE... yellow... hmm? only 6K miles, and never even been wheeling yet... just put the lift on yesterday! Ask Greg (dynamix) he was making fun of me for how clean my truck was underneath... the only parts that have any dirt on them now, are the parts I just bought from him, haha...
You would be a great candidate except your X is yellow. :blackeye:
armandov99 said:
Hmm...this is tempting. I have an '05 silver auto 4x4, with 15k miles on it. I later wished I'd gone with the OR...but then again, I also haven't wheeled enough to be comfortable driving a stick on trails.

I miss having a stick, though. If it weren't for traffic around here I would totally consider this...heh, mine even has nav as trucks are a perfect match for the trade, hahaha
Wow. That *would* be a perfect trade. Got pics?
Gonna get the wife (yes, not my fiance anymore) something different. She likes the 04 Pathfinder (and I do, too). Can probably pick something up for about $15k.
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