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cant decide 06/07 SE/S/OR

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Hey everyone, I'm debating an 07 (maybe 06). What I've read on other forums has suggested the OR mostly. Being rather new to offroading and suv's in general I'm not sure I need it. Most would say get it anyway if you plan to keep your car you will want it down the line.

Most of the extras on the SE seem like they can be added later in aftermarket parts for cheaper (fogs, stereo, step rails, etc.). Some things on the OR cant such as the locking rear differential.

My concerns at this point are:

1. Price : the S model would probably be a good affordable and potentially upgradeable part time offroader and solid daily/bad weather driver... i dont want to go over $25k total OTD, I think an 06 OR can be done within this, definately an 06/07 S

2. Ride quality: I'm worried the OR will be too stiff on the bad streets I drive around my city on... everyone has their own view on stiff suspension though i guess :D
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hey thanks for the advice, the S does seem to be the overall bang for the buck option but auto and 4x4 are my two main requirements. hey i see youre from cleveland, i am as well... are there any area clubs?
yea the S does seem like the best overall value... i wonder if an 06 S can be done fore 20-22k...guess it depends how desperate they are but i know theres the 1k cashback going on now too...

i think any offroading i may potentially do can be satisfied with the S, i could always add the shocks down the line but im thinking i wont be able to tell the difference between having the locker and not having it... im looking at guys offroading in like 88 pathfinders and thinking maybe id be spoiling myself by getting all these features i probably wont take full advantage of anyway...
id like to also get fog lights put in aftermarket.. i think this is probably a lot cheaper than getting them from dealer, anyone have rough price estimates? thanks.
thanks for the info guys. im from northeast ohio, anyone have any dealer recommendations? thanks.
ok sorry, im also a little confused, i thought the X model didnt have power anything? is the "power package" a way to add on all power features minus cruise control of the S model? can this stuff be added when the dealer already has the X model on their lot or does it have to come from factory?

i guess i wasnt even considering the X, but now im not sure i understand the diffrences between the X and S...

what is the side molding thing everyone is mentioning as well?

thanks guys sorry for all the questions :p
thanks again for all the info and recommendations, i can tell im gona like this forum. im really more of a sport compacts/sedabs and sport cars guy whos always kind of wanted to get a 4x4 so thats why im so interested in the xterra. i like how it looks, i like nissan trucks, and i think its best choice for its price range. ive been more of a honda/toyota guy recently but i really am not a fan of anything in their lineup except maybe the FJ which is too pricy for me right now and harder to come by...

im surprised i havent heard about an ohio/ northeast ohio xterra or maybe general offroad club... im a web designer so id be totally up for doing a site for one :)
still doing some research... the S is looking like the best choice for me right now. trying to figure out if i can get a 4x4 auto closer to the 20k mark :)
thanks for the info guys, im still kind of stuck on the S, not really planning any hardcore offroad so much as more outdoor related activity and moving stuff... however living in northeast ohio you kind of always want the 4wd when the season calls for it so thats definately a must have...
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