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cant decide 06/07 SE/S/OR

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Hey everyone, I'm debating an 07 (maybe 06). What I've read on other forums has suggested the OR mostly. Being rather new to offroading and suv's in general I'm not sure I need it. Most would say get it anyway if you plan to keep your car you will want it down the line.

Most of the extras on the SE seem like they can be added later in aftermarket parts for cheaper (fogs, stereo, step rails, etc.). Some things on the OR cant such as the locking rear differential.

My concerns at this point are:

1. Price : the S model would probably be a good affordable and potentially upgradeable part time offroader and solid daily/bad weather driver... i dont want to go over $25k total OTD, I think an 06 OR can be done within this, definately an 06/07 S

2. Ride quality: I'm worried the OR will be too stiff on the bad streets I drive around my city on... everyone has their own view on stiff suspension though i guess :D
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Best bang for buck...

Yet another opinion to add to the bunch. Ya know what they say about opinions :blackeye:

Well, I think the X model is the best bang for the buck for me. The biggest difference between the X and S are steel/aluminum wheels, 8-way adjustable driver seat, and body side molding (Edit: and power package). I don't mind the steel wheels (can't see um when you're driving anyway), the adjustable seat was a mute point, and I bought the body side molding for $60 and installed it myself (Edit: purchased power package). A lot of money left over for the skidplates, rock sliders, hitch, and side molding in my opinion. I'll change the tires when I either get annoyed with the stock ones or wear them out. A nice aggressive tire will offset the look of steel wheels then if it's a big concern.
If you like the aluminum wheels I'd go for the S model or limited aftermarket wheels on the X model (Edit: with power package). The X model does have the VDC and ABLS (ABS operated limited slip) in '06 which is still a step above a basic 4x4.

Edit: X model with Power Package I bought was ~$2k less than a comparably equiped S model with the differences stated above.

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Yeah, I forgot about the Power Package.

When I purchase a couple months ago the X I recieved had the Power Package and ran about $2k less than a comparably equiped S model. That's a lot for wheels, adjustable seat, and body side moldings. Sorry for not clarifying the Power Package in the first post.

First thing to do if you're not sure of what is on or included in a package... pick up the brochure or head to and check out the info. Getting the information in a forum just gets you the information second hand. But, well try and help of course. :bounce:
So here it is, the Power Package brings you up to the S model's power and cruise items.

For the '07 ('06 take out the visor stuff)
Power Package (X model only) P01
• Power windows with driver-side one-touch auto-down
• Power door locks
• Sun visor extenders and visor vanity mirrors
• Cruise control
• Remote keyless entry
• Vehicle Security System
• Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System

The body side molding are the dark gray plastic pieces in the middle of the doors running horizontal. They look good (in my opinion) and protect against door dings.

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Best way to really compare the models though is to look at the brochure, use's build page, and last but not least use to build the vehicle with invoice pricing.

The brochure is the best way to identify what comes or does not come on the different models and what comes in the packages. also gives you all the same info just a little different to find on the web page.


Yeah, I think I had three brochures floating around for a while until I bought one. One in each important place of the house. I also had 2-3 print outs of's pricing haning around. After I purchased I thing one got filed in the purchase folder and one floating still.

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