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cant decide 06/07 SE/S/OR

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Hey everyone, I'm debating an 07 (maybe 06). What I've read on other forums has suggested the OR mostly. Being rather new to offroading and suv's in general I'm not sure I need it. Most would say get it anyway if you plan to keep your car you will want it down the line.

Most of the extras on the SE seem like they can be added later in aftermarket parts for cheaper (fogs, stereo, step rails, etc.). Some things on the OR cant such as the locking rear differential.

My concerns at this point are:

1. Price : the S model would probably be a good affordable and potentially upgradeable part time offroader and solid daily/bad weather driver... i dont want to go over $25k total OTD, I think an 06 OR can be done within this, definately an 06/07 S

2. Ride quality: I'm worried the OR will be too stiff on the bad streets I drive around my city on... everyone has their own view on stiff suspension though i guess :D
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Walrus said:
lj1983 said:
seat covers? i thought all the wear issues were on the Non-OR models? the OR seat covers are really rough, but don't show wear at all.
Agreed. No wear on my OR seats. The complaints are from people with non-OR models.
I have an '06 S with 18K miles - no problems with the seat covers.
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