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Username: CanadianX

Make: Nissan
Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Night Armor


PRG 2.0 Extended Length Coil Overs and Rear AALs (New Dec 2015 - Original radflos, one failed the other still good)
SPC UCA (need new lowers - seized cam bolts so I haven't adjusted preload, sitting at 36"
Bilstein 5100 rear shocks
Shrockworks Sliders
Iron Bull front bumper
SW Rear bumper
Recon 10500lbs winch with synthetic line and wireless remote
Volant CAI (Modified to retain engine cover)
PIAA 510s in the bumper
Xoskel lo pro light rack with 4x Hella FF 300s
Thule J Racks for the kayaks
Princess Auto hitch mount rack for the motorbike
Superchips Cortex
Magnaflow 2 to 1 muffler
2"BL - (still not installed)
Full NXRocks Skids
Intake Manifold Spacer
Cobra 40 Channel CB mounted in centre console storage
Awesome a$$ dents in the driver seat, very custom, very awesome!

Need to order some Alcans.



on line
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I haven't been very active on the sight but having had the Ironbull for a few years I can say that the coating is crap. It lifted in many places and the bumper is very rusted now. I'll pull it in the spring and have it sandblasted and recoated. I likely have some top hoops added. As for being a stout bumper, absolutely. I've not hit anything with it like a prius but its stood up to moderate trail use, some winch pulls and snatch strap pulls without moving or deflecting at all.

As far as original install, no issues everything mated up (got luck others had issues) but the angle of the mounting had it tilted down in the front a little so I shimmed it with a stack of two large washers on the lower mounting bolts. Needed to do this to keep the back edges from dimpling the front fenders at the wheel arch.

I'd buy a SW if I were doing it again. Mainly preference of the look but also quality.
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